Routine of Invisibility Part 1: Thanksgiving, A Secret Spot Essential


Routine of Invisibility—From the body of work entitled The Art of Mentoring: A Wilderness Awareness Training Program.  Received and remembered/adapted by LJ Shainsky

  1. Thanksgiving address

As we pass over the threshold to our secret spot, we stop and give thanks to Earth and all her creatures, beauty, environments, elements. I have included a link below to the original thanksgiving address. It was passed to me, through Jon Young, from Jake Swamp. This shortened version captures a fraction of the emotions and sentiments that lived for the people who spent 4 days invoking and living the Thanksgiving Address. Being in gratitude does wonders for the mind, soul, neurology, heart.

The super interesting part for me as a scientist and sound healer is the finding that when we deeply immerse ourselves in the process of giving thanks for Earth and all her gifts, our brainwaves change. They go from a highly and narrowly focused broadcast, like a predator, to a more sedate broadcast. The birds and other animals around us sense this; it is this shift in us that creates a shift in the animals around us, especially in their movement and vocalizations. Many of the other elements in the art (practice) of invisibility act to shift our broadcast and our way of being to be more resonant with the cadence of nature.

For more on the Thanksgiving Address:

Thoughts from Jon:

See what happens when you go out into nature, slow down, moving into appreciation and gratitude. For that grosbeak sound, the dewdrop on the trilium, the bursting forth of azaleas! Notice what happens within, to your neurology, your mentality, your physicality. Subtle, or greatly.

Questioning: Secret Spot Assignment #3

We are observers and inquirerors and always want to know “what is that _______”?

Especially if one is not a birder or a plant specialist…the “what is it?” question can be frustrating and lead to a dead end.

Jon Young, promoter of the secret spot practice, would say that once we know the name of a thing—a bird or plant, eg.—a door closes. “Oh that’s a blah blah…” and then we are off to the next thing with the illusion that knowing its name is the same as knowing it. So, we are asking to go deeper than that.

When I was leading young people in the outdoors, I invited my learners to do their own naming. When they came across a plant, insect, bird, they could name it whatever they wanted, with a suggestion that some characteristic that stood out should lead the naming. “Swamp edgie”…”brown darter”…”white-striped back crawler”. (In fact, I let them make up their own personal names for the day—this released them from their teachers’ opinions of and identities for them…they expanded significantly under these freer conditions).

For this secret spot assignment, we watch this propensity, and pivot to a different question or two. For plants, insects, birds, you can name them whatever you want, but then ask “what is it doing?” (birds, insects). Is it feeding? Looking for mate? Gathering for/building a nest/shelter? Storing food?

For plants, “how well is it growing here? Is it in a spot that it looks like it might like, with lots of light, water, room, or not so well, crowded? Or perhaps it likes the shade. Did it get there naturally or was it planted? What kinds of other plants are growing around it? What might eat it? Use it for some other function (shelter, nesting?) is it going to flower? When, I wonder?

So we are wondering about the life of these creatures, beings.

Jon Young called for us to ask 3 Sacred Questions:

I. What am I observing? (while it could be some organism, the organism is also doing something, displaying some pattern of being, in relationship with other organisms and their environment)

II. What is this telling me? (this leads us into relational information; and we can totally make up a story about what we are observing. The faeries might even be involved!)

III. What deeper meaning can I find in this? For example, how is this a reflection of what is happening within me? How am I sprouting out of the ground? Chirping incessantly? In need of some space?

Enjoy this as a jumping off point for some introspection, poetry, painting or drawing…a nature story.

Stay tuned for Secret Spot Assignment #4 and the Art of Invisibility!

Secret Spot Assignment # 2

Secret spot assignment 2: Texture, Color, Shape of All Features

I picked out and went to my secret spot today. Wow, it was a place on our land I had never sat. And it ticked all the boxes, but really, in my heart…wonderful.

Here are some thoughts and the next assignment.

This next assignment is about using our sight to take in the textures, colors, shapes of all features of our secret spots. Letting the splendor come into our sight sense…however narrow or wide the diversity and richness of our secret spots. It is April…many of these aspects are going to change over the course of time.

The textures, colors, shapes of all features of our spots are physical elements of habitat. “Habitat” provides the living, sleeping, nesting, resting, perching, feeding, mating, monitoring, watching, hunting structures for the species, seen and unseen, that inhabit, will inhabit or did inhabit our secret spots. Elements of habitat can be built (human-made) or natural. Fences, shrubs, herbs, trees, stones, walkways, decks, dirt mounds, moss, +, all provide some kind of resource for species to utilize. They can alter the temperature, wind, and moisture regimes which affect growth and sheltering; they can provide hiding places, hunting opportunities, food buffets, mating locations, etc. for oh so many animals (BTW—insects are technically animals), microbes, and other beings. (okay we will address the divas and faeries a little later).

Go to your s. spot; this time, take your journal (leave your phone, unless it is needed for crucial or emergency communication).

Open your “observation window”…this is the span of time that you are setting aside for the assignment. This part of the practice is optional, but often helps A-types begin and end in an organized fashion.

Gaze around first in a very general, wide angle-vision type of way (will be discussing this later, at this juncture you can simple intuit what I mean). Notice big shapes first, and their colors & textures, then start narrowing your focus at a finer level. Colors, shapes, textures of plants, flowers and leaves of plants, tree bark, branching patterns. How these plants are arranged with respect to each other around you? Are they random, clumped, regularly spaced? Colors, shapes, textures of built features—fences, houses, porch steps, etc. How are these arrange in relationship to natural features. Bare ground, leafy debris, grasses, etc.?

Notice how the light is hitting these habitat features—natural and built—at this time of day. How/is there movement of elements there? Come back at a different time of day and notice.

Take notes, draw…

I noticed at some point after 30 minutes I had the impulse to leave (I am ADD, which is good for noticing things, but not so good at sustained tasking). You may have an original impulse to leave. I encourage you to notice that, and then stick with it. Notice the next things that come into your awareness when you decide to stay…when I did this, new things came into my awareness, and I relaxed a little more deeply, because I decided to “give this to myself”. This gift of being outside and being. There was a resonance of expansion…it was quite touching.

This staying beyond the impulse to leave is going to be important when we get into bird language and how it provides feedback about our state of being, probably beginning with sit spot assignment #4.


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You can join in on the conversation at:

Secret Spot Challenge: Introduction and Assignment #1

Join the Secret Spot Challenge!

The purpose of this Secret Spot Challenge is to connect people to nature for a salve and salvation through a sequence of forays outside, to one place, over and over again. Getting to know this place, becoming intimate with it, watching it change. 

I am posting this now because it IS safe to be outside–when you keep your physical distancing protocols strictly in place, and know you will need to make adjustments. I am also posting this now because people are a little in the over-extreme about their isolation. Nature, even your backyard, on your balcony, front porch, whatever, will help your neurology tremendously.

Through the processes to come, we recommit to

–remembering that Earth is trustworthy

–attuning to the fascinating heart-warming language of birds

–Amping up our awareness, through observation with all the senses, of the magic of earth

The Origins and Underlying Principle of of Secret Spots

“Secret spots” is a commitment, a series of delightful experiences, an adventure into (soul and) nature (through the heart of our soul)… I learned from Jon Young at Wilderness Awareness School (WAS) in 2001 (wow!). I had the great joy of immersing into the philosophy of the Art of mentoring at WAS, which was a potent weave of naturalist skills and spirituality. My life changed completely from this practice. Especially the listening, which led to my Sound Healing work.

Secret spots provide an anchor and experiential template for teaching nature awareness and naturalist skills to people of all ages.

Finding a potent spot

The art (and science) of our secret spot practice begins when we endeavor to find a place that we feel solid about revisiting on a repeated basis. The secret spot holds its magic and powerful teachings through our increasingly attuned attention to the details and broad stroke tapestry of our place. We watch how our secret spot changes over time, as we change, as the seasons and weather changes, as plants and animals and life proceeds along their native trajectories over time and space.

Qualities to notice when selecting a potent secret spot:

–Convenient for us to get to on regular basis

–Feels interesting, safe, comfortable to be at

–Has some elements in it that allow us to “hide”, tuck in or blend in. Sometimes this can be simply the shelter offered by a tree branch or a shrub or stone.

–Offers some periods of quiet, or at least reduced noise that we can “hear around”. Bird sounds and other vocal animals provide for expanding our skills in nature and our inward journey, so being able to hear them at least somewhat, even if obscured by city noise, is necessary. I know people whose secret spot is on a park bench in a busy city, so there is lots of room. Perhaps you might be more interested in studying humans…

–Edges and Interfaces: Really interesting, dynamic species-rich secret spots are often located where two or more different habitats meet. Numerous ecological studies have shown that species diversity in significantly greater at “ecotones”—where two vegetation types meet. In fact there are many species of plants and birds that survive best at the edges or interfaces of habitats.

Hidden Lake, where I live, has at least 5 different habitats (examples of what I mean by habitat) that intersect: wetland forest, dense upland forest, pasture, cultivated landscape, riverside & lakeside (riparian) vegetation.

Secret Spot Assignment Number 1: Find a secret spot.

Set aside an hour or more for your excursion. When you go out to find this spot, be prepared, bringing water with you. Make sure you have the clothes and shoes on that you want to move and be outside in. Just take you. Do leave your dog at home. Also strongly suggested: leave your phone at home (unless doing so would make you feel unsafe).

So once you find your spot, sit down. Notice what you notice—about you, about what is around you. Notice what catches your eye. What do you hear? Smell? See? Feel? On this excursion, refrain from taking notes, so you aren’t distracted by messing with pen and paper. This will also help train you to make mental notes. Just. Sit. Notice.

Know that you may shift around somewhat (I know I have), but do the Goldie Locks thing, and find the one that’s just right. Then you can launch more deeply into the exercises, ceremonies and processes to come.

Do be safe.

When you get home or back to work, get your journal out. Write about what you noticed, how it felt, what you remember, what left an impression, caught your eye. Where did your thoughts go?

Then Check this space shortly for your next assignment. You can also email me and let me know what you observed. Lauri at shamanicsoundhealing dot com.

Have fun!!!!

Infectious Immunity (Don’t Hit the Rock)

“Don’t Hit The Rock”

 A story and its’ accompanying lesson have come in very strongly in the last two weeks.

 Back when I was younger and an avid flatwater kayaker, I was paddling down the McKenzie River in Oregon, right before it meets the Willamette. I was in my fiberglass double. I looked ahead, and saw that there was a rock sticking up in the middle of the glide we were paddling through.

 Fiberglass boats are Prima Dona boats that do not like sharp interactions with hard things.  I heard my head’s alarm going off—DON’T HIT THE ROCKDON’T HIT THE ROCKDON’T HIT THE ROCK!!!  And what did I do? I hit the frickin’ rock. Damaged my boat big time.

 It was an early lesson on what would soon become my area of focus—attention, intention, and manifestation. And how when we focus on something, the spirits and our minds don’t hear the word “don’t”.

(It’s like “don’t think about ice cream”.where did your mind just go?)

 So I am focusing on INFECTIOUS IMMUNITY and well-being. Because I had been previously obsessing about “not getting the virus”

 This is a rock I totally do not want to hit. Seriously.

 So focus on infectious, illuminated immunity and wellness everywhere you don’t go while we are on lock down; everywhere you do go that you must go.

We are living and experiencing  immunity and wellness that can spread even faster and more vigorously than the virus.

We see and feel the Sea of immunity and wellness all around us. And rejoice in it.



From the Autumnal Equinox Lodge

An intimate group gathered and we were able to share deeply. This time of teetering–teetering between dark and light. Most potently and pronounced—the teetering between inner and outer. The movement towards taking a ceremony which is often very inner, and applying its’ medicine to what is going on in the outer as well.

So the question is—how is the lack of integrity, the unrest, the warring, the destruction, the baffonary that I see going on “out there”, happening inside of me? How are all of these things an outpicturing of my own life?

To support these ponderings, a new way (at least for me) of invoking the spirits into ceremony came in: for each of the four directions, and above and below, we invited the pure essence of that direction within us, to journey out to meet the pure essence of that direction “out there”, do a spiritual handshake, and bring that combined power and wisdom into the ceremony. I encourage you to play around with that, and let me know what you notice…

We prayed and did some healing work, using this joined essence of our own power and that of the direction we most resonated with.

The last round was a tour of thanksgiving through our everyday life. Waking up, feeling our heart still beating. YAY! We made it to another day. Looking around, noticing all of the aspects of our room that keep us warm and safe and comfortable. Padding into the kitchen, where it is also warm, safe, we open the fridge. All this wonderful food we did not have to go out and forage for. Running water. Fire at our command (our stove). Pondering the interwoven fabric of our life, all of the people, materials, information, emotions, that are configured to support us in our doingness in the world, our beingness. All of these things we bow to and give a deep wave of gratitude to, from the inner to the outer.

Messages from the Winter Solstice Lodge Spirits

I had the great honor of pouring a sweat lodge for the LightSong community on the full moon and winter solstice. Though pre-lodge journeys, time spent doing the robes (tobacco-filled prayer bundles for  beckoning and feeding the spirits), and direct transmission during the lodge, some potent messages came through.

The spirits wanted the 4 rounds of the lodge to be associated with and follow the 4 directions on the medicine wheel. During a “round”, the fire tenders bring stones (“grandmothers”) that have been communing with the fire for several hours into the lodge. The door is closed, we are plunged into darkness, the spirits  become very active and work with the people in the lodge to set  their healing intentions and prayers into motion.

Round 1:East: Faith in the Returning Light

We were called to investigate within, how we cultivate faith and trust that the light will return; that the sun will rise. There are times when we think we are static in a dark place. We forget that, in truth, the light will surely come.

So we asked, “Where you do you cultivate faith?”  When we feel stuck in a place that we do not think will change, we are called to be reminded that, like cycles in the natural world, we can know and believe that the  light will return, just as today (on the winter solstice) the sun and daylight will increase. A little each day, then more and more…When we invite the hooking into the power of natural cycles, we can whip around into a new more productive uplifting  resolved phase. The longer, warmer days. Today, even a modicum of more light than yesterday. On that we can have faith. Where do you find faith? A good question to notice how you answer…

Round 2: South: Re-membering Your Passion for Life

What totally psyches you about being on earth? What makes you aglow as you engage in it. What brings you joy? As Jan Engels Smith’s teachings state, this is “Your Song”. This is a primary source of great passion in life.

In your minds eye, stand on the threshold of your life, looking out on what is next on your path. Invite yourself to feel that light, that warmth of that which excites you and feeds you in life. Experience it in your body that excitement. What does it make you say in your mind? How does your body feel when you are in that passion?

And, we are aware that things get in the way of pursueing or feeling that excitement. We can use the firey sun to transmute what obscures your path to being in your song, that impedes your joy.

You can ask with your heart for a power animal to come help you pursue and experience being in Your Song. They can help manage the things that might block you from being in Your Song. You can meditate or journey to this animal. You can place images of it around you. Studying its ecology might inform you. Feeding it, having things around your house, car and/or place of work will help remind you of its presence in your life. Honoring power animals in this way brings their essence to earth, in light of all of extinction humans have caused, this is a reciprocity and healing to earth we do when we are in partnership with power animals.

Round 3–West: Acknowledging & honoring the wise teacher within.

We have gained much wisdom and knowledge on our earth walk to this point. We forget to honor this. We have an akasha of our own within. A sacred library where we have stored the wisdom of earth we have gathered to date. You can, with your minds eye,  journey with your consciousness down into our heart chamber, enter your akashic library, and remember the vastness of knowledge that is there.

When we honor the teacher within, we become vastly more receptive to the further teachings that are coming in from “out there”. We notice them and can be humble enough to receive them. They have a place to land, to be utilized, researched, stored for use. Knowing how each teaching from earth adds greatly to our walk on Earth, we build Our Mastery as Human BEINGS.

North—Cultivating Abundance Mentality

Sometimes we are caught in a reflex of seeing lack. How do we change that? The spirits guided me to say/know—utilize nature to see abundance. It is not enough just so say, “okay I am going to feel grateful”. It is more important to build habit of mind to see/experience abundance, and then you can feel gratitude in a deeply authentic way.

How do we re-train ourselves? Look out into Nature!!! Do you want see abundance? Count the leaves on a tree. Count the raindrops on the pond, blades of grass in your yard…there is a naturalness to feeling and seeing the abundance in nature, that can remind and retrain us to the abundance in life. Count the needles on a Douglas-fir—that is exactly how many blessings you have in your life!

I have been doing this last practice in the hustle bustle of holidays–especially those moments when I notice I am feeling a little grumpy or tired. IT TOTALLY WORKS! I look out at a Douglas fir, see all of those needles, and tell myself internally or even out loud, “That is how many blessings you have in your life” and I INSTANTLY FEEL BETTER, GRATEFUL. KNOWING I AM SOOOOOO BLESSED!



And wow, it is so cool (okay yes) that the cold full moon came in in such an amazing tactile way for this lodge, the coldest one I have ever experienced. The temperature of lodge is always metaphysical, and not explained by the physics of things. I have experienced that “lodge is as warm as we are tight”—that is how much we are holding onto things. (so good job!!!) and it is only as warm as the most sensitive person can bear—okay, you were honored, whoever you are!!! We got to play with our discomfort and what our mind and body does with it, but this time the cold, and not the hot…very interesting and thought-provoking!


Ceremony of Independence: Reconciliation With Soul Sovereignty


Ceremony always expands in power when we can tap into a collective energy that is naturally occurring—like the celebration of Independence Day. So I delighted when the spirits told me I needed to do a ceremony for regaining my sovereignty. The time had come to regain my sovereignty from a long history in an enmeshed relationship where I had habitually let my power be taken away from me.
Sound familiar? Let’s do this! It is easy to set up.
First Step: Key issues/Needs/Qualities
What are the issues and qualities at play–what do you need that you are not getting fro your relationship(s)? What do you want or need from the universe, and what is missing?
Write these on separate piece of paper–48 pt type; cut them up onto separate pieces of paper.


What I found most coming up was: Respect…  Honoring… Acknowledgement… Love… Support …Joining me where I am…  Seeing me… Compassion …Fairness in the exchange


All of these ingredients I choose to say and claim as needs I believe I have, with no shame in needing any of these. And really, at the mutual level–not one way.  At the truth of it, these are all aspects I aspire to share with and beam onto into the world, and cultivate within for my Self.


What about you? Take some time for this.


Step 2: Sacred Space


Pick a place in nature or in your home and set up a sacred circle. Gather stones, one each for each issue/need/quality. Place the stones along the perimeter of the circle. Put the pieces of paper from step 1 so it is leaning against the stone facing inward. Call on your helping spirits to imbue the space.
Lines of Connection For Retrieval:
Cut lengths of yarn, each about 12 feet. Anchor one end to a stone in the perimeter, and bring the other end to the center of the circle. When you are done it will look like spokes in a wheel with stones and qualities on the outer perimeter, and all of the all strings coming to center.
Reconciliation with Soul Sovereignty:
Stand in the center, and hum or tone or chant, asking for and intending for retrieving and reconciling with your soul’s sovereignty. Sit in the center when you feel ready. One string at a time, pull and gather up the string for each quality from the stone. I rolled it into a little bundle. I sang while I did this, in a trance-like state. But whatever feels comfortable and right to you. Ask for insight about each medicinal quality (key issue). Pull the power and wisdom of each of the qualities from “out there” to your interiority. Your sacred, sovereign self. Slowly, deliberately. Feel the vibration of each of these qualities going into your self.

My experience: I begin the drumming. I called in my helping spirits and guides assisting me with this ceremony for strengthening and reclaiming my sovereignty.  I go into  trance like state, as if I am transported to a parallel temple. The spirits give me insight about each medicinal quality (key issue). Many of these retrievals have soul essence encoded in it. I welcome this surprise! Slowly, deliberately. I feel what it is like to know the vibration of each of these qualities. I thank who/what ever was holding these from me. Much of the wisdom the spirits give me brings me to a place of neutrality, “no charge” and “no need”. How much assessment of these things is illusion, and matters not.


Thank who/what ever was holding these from you. Bow to yourself, Your Sovereign Self.
Believe in and Thank the benevolent universe, for you have re-membered yourself.



Post-Script: On my walk I find a feather of my singing power animal. She reminds me of the potency of sovereignty that fuels and empowers magnificent collaboration.

Shamanic Sleep Meditation


I share this Shamanic procedure which I found assisted in helping me sleep more deeply and nourishingly.

Using your creative awareness, have your guiding ones (whether you have yet to identify them specifically or not) take you down into the earth. Maybe you follow the roots of a tree or an animal burrow’s entrance. Or, you dive into a mountain pool and swim down to a secret entrance.

As you arrive, you look around and get oriented. After a while, a level of new comfort settles in. You breathe. As you breathe, you listen, and hear a heart beat–it is yours, aligning with the heart beat of Mother Earth. Know that She holds you.

Ask her to take you deeper, into a crystal-lined cave. It glistens, and glows. Stand in this cave in your minds eye. With your heart, tell the crystals you would like to have them emanate the intention, vibration, light of you having a sound, nourishing sleep. Feel them pulsing this intention. All that your mind is working on, fades, as it is bathed by the crystal’s light and sound. Breathe, relax more deeply. Feel this loving nourishing power of earth, her sparkling gems.

Breathe, relax even more deeply.

If it feels right, invite a benevolent, loving mother bear of any color join you in the cave. They hold the ancient wisdom of DEEP SLEEP. FEEL  it’s thoroughly mothering bear nature.

She has been waiting for you to call on her; there is an innate, wise part of you that recognizes her. She smiles into your eyes.

She curls up, creating the warmest most inviting nook in h.r arms, and she telepathically invites you to curl up with her. Test it out. Feel what it feels like as she holds you. You can hear her heart beat, as well as the heart beat of the Mother.  Be in all of this magic, and let go, breath by breath. Into nourishing, deeply sound sleep.

Wake up, nourished by earth.


Feel free to report back!

Turning Noise into Sound

I was walking my rural property (Hidden Lake) this autumn morning. I was reveling in the peacefulness. Then, stellar’s jay starting squawking…but most importantly, the sound of a backhoe started vibrating. What to do to maintain peace, enjoy my walk in nature with this machine noise going?

The machine had a basic note to it—a droning, pulsating note. I started to match it with my voice. This note and its pulsation began moving energy inside of me. Then I thought about what this machine was doing. Digging…

Then the inquiry became…

…How can I use this sound and the power of this machine to dig down into what might be below the surface, bring it to the surface, and transform it?

I continued humming in a pulsating fashion…I was digging…and then actually allowed some thoughts and energies to come from within, I was done with these, for sure. So, I continued making sound and sent the thoughts and energies I was done with  into the imaginary hole the sound/machine was making.

I continued until I felt complete. I felt so much better. And so a lesson on turning “noise” into sound showed itself to me.

We live in a noisy world. Some people’s neighborhoods and work environments are more noisy that others.

Noise, to me, is a sound that is in the way of peace, in the way of hearing what I want to hear, whereas sound has a helpful, useful, transformative function. Noise is like weeds, as sound is to garden flowers– “weeds” as plants out of place, where we do not want them.

The big practice for all of us is—accepting what is. Better yet, blessing what is. So this practice, turning noise into sound, is part of that. Of turning lemons into lemonade…of taking what could be bothering us (backhoe, tractor, train, barking dogs) and turning it into a helpful element in our moment.

So if you hear a “noise”, see if you can match it with your voice—you can do this very quietly if you want, and work up a volume over time. As you make the sound, notice what you notice in your body, in your energy state, in your mind (including “this is stupid” or “I hope no one hears me”). Just notice as you breathe and hum or tone, making sound that matches the noise. Ask what this noise is actually coming from, and how you can use it to help transform or transmute or heal things.

Some example metaphorical questions or intentions you could hold for these sounds:

Car traffic—the sea of humanity, with unique personalities therein– who will I next enjoy meeting? Attraction of a person to for some purpose.

Garbage truck—Getting rid of what does not serve us. What refuse must I dispose of?

Sirens—Sudden distress–how can I send healing to people in an emergency? What emergency am I having needs attention? What siren off in the distance is calling to me? Send a voice to call forth what is needed, piercing through the rest of the sound environment.

Weed eater—trimming, making neat and tidy. What is growing my garden that might benefit me from removal? What things need trimming?

Blower—using ancient fuel to move leaves, dirt…more easily than with a rake. What has fallen that needs to be moved around in my life? What tools do I have that will make this easier for me to do?

I remember during a very intense journey process with Jan at LightSong,  someone in the adjacent yard started up a chainsaw and began limbing trees. I had to use this sound during this journey process; the inquiry was—what limbs am I carrying that are no longer useful—like dead branches and dead leaves are a burden to the tree’s energy balance? How can this inform this journey assignment I am suppose to be doing?

This process of using what is around us for our evolution and upliftment is essential at this time, because there are plenty of chainsaws, backhoes, cars whizzing by.

Find the sound within the noise. Be the Sound. Be the change the sound brings. Aho!