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Message from the spirits: How the dark informs the light


We listen in the shamanic life to messages from our benevolent helpers. As I was preparing for solstice lodge, they were asking me to inquire about the relationships between what I perceived as the “light” parts of myself–things I honored in myself, the good, and the dark parts of myself–my shadow, the pain of wounds, fears, things i tell myself about myself that are “bad” ways of being. This line of inquiry catapulted all of us in the lodge to look.

The spirits’ underlying message was this: the dark always informs and feeds the light.

The spirits were showing us that the Earth experiences a dynamic balance of light and dark every day. On her skin, every day, in the dance with the sun. As the earth spins through this dynamic balance, so do we. There is no Home without this dance of light and dark.

The dark aspects of ourselves are only perceived by us that way. We know this. They are integral to our divine whole. They inform what we have judged to be “light” sides of ourselves; they cause us to seek help and advice, retreat and go into silence, journey, whatever multitude of means we as spiritual beings endeavor to do to bring healing to our lives.

There is a partnership between these aspects of ourselves. The events that prompt pain are karmic, for the pain and fear informs the development of the soul.

People come to me as a shamanic healer and say “I want you to help me get rid of this…” Sometimes, the “this” does not belong to them,  so we do an extraction or cord-cutting on this dense energy that is foreign to the person’s energy system/soul. Sometimes, oftentimes, the “this” they seek to be rid of is some aspect of themselves that they struggle with. The spirits were helping us see that healing this is about helping come to peace with those things, to end the struggle, to see into how to use those aspects as gifts for growth and development. How this “dark” feeds the “light, with these terms only metaphorical, like the dance of the earth with the sun.

I had heard this before, over and over, but this time they finally conveyed it to me in a visceral fashion that i could truly grok.

What was even more interesting was what they told me as I was speaking about this to a friend. They said that whenever we begin to “dis-own” the dark parts of ourselves, to speak about “getting rid of” these aspects we deem our dark side of our personalities or even our life, those quirks and fits of behavior we do not deem spiritual–as we poo poo these things about ourselves in our own minds, or as we seek help to get rid of these, we are actually causing mini events of soul loss (see for discussion on soul retrieval). Little splinters of our essence “pink” off (can you hear it???) into another time space continuum until we honor them and come to peace with them, or until a soul retrieval is performed.

So we learn from the Earth how to feel the dynamics of light and dark, to allow the dark to inform and feed the light. We thank the benevolent ones for this message, on this path of shamanic living.


Shamanic living: Belief in benevolent Helpers

The first step on this path of shamanic living is surrendering to the knowing that there are benevolent spirits in, what Carlos Castaneda termed, “non-ordinary reality”. On numerous occasions, they reveal themselves with the exuberance of “dogs at the door”– the eager puppy zeal displayed when our canine best friends are waiting for us to let them in the house (or to take them on a walk). This zeal is the energy signature my Helpers have conveyed to me–they are waiting excitingly for us to recognize that they exist and utilize them to bring health and information to “ordinary reality”. We are their vehicles, with our physicality, and it is our birthright (of all people) to be a channel for them. Our voices in service to speak their message, our bodies in service to dance their dance, our hands in service to direct our doingness with their healing power. And it begins with an act of courageous belief.

Shamanic winter’s greeting–first entry


White, for the spirits of the north, coats all things here at Hidden Lake. It almost never snows here; it is a beckoning, once more, of the winter spirits. and of the hibernation, a reminder to re-become quiet, and go within to tend the heart, before going out into the world beaming it.
today, i call forth new benevolent, loving, compassionate energy medicine through the internet ethers. across the landscape of this 21st century, our callings are of a different kind, and of the same kind, as our ancestors.

we stand united calling forth health and healing for the people, calling forth wellness and fortitude for the creatures of nature, illumination for the people leading and following.

with a kind heart, a good soul, to others. to build this light here on this good earth. continuing the legacy of good shamans, loving life.