Shamanic winter’s greeting–first entry


White, for the spirits of the north, coats all things here at Hidden Lake. It almost never snows here; it is a beckoning, once more, of the winter spirits. and of the hibernation, a reminder to re-become quiet, and go within to tend the heart, before going out into the world beaming it.
today, i call forth new benevolent, loving, compassionate energy medicine through the internet ethers. across the landscape of this 21st century, our callings are of a different kind, and of the same kind, as our ancestors.

we stand united calling forth health and healing for the people, calling forth wellness and fortitude for the creatures of nature, illumination for the people leading and following.

with a kind heart, a good soul, to others. to build this light here on this good earth. continuing the legacy of good shamans, loving life.


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