Shamanic living: Belief in benevolent Helpers

The first step on this path of shamanic living is surrendering to the knowing that there are benevolent spirits in, what Carlos Castaneda termed, “non-ordinary reality”. On numerous occasions, they reveal themselves with the exuberance of “dogs at the door”– the eager puppy zeal displayed when our canine best friends are waiting for us to let them in the house (or to take them on a walk). This zeal is the energy signature my Helpers have conveyed to me–they are waiting excitingly for us to recognize that they exist and utilize them to bring health and information to “ordinary reality”. We are their vehicles, with our physicality, and it is our birthright (of all people) to be a channel for them. Our voices in service to speak their message, our bodies in service to dance their dance, our hands in service to direct our doingness with their healing power. And it begins with an act of courageous belief.


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