Monthly Archives: February 2008

Singing the soul forward

My benevolent helpers have shown me this beautiful process which they help me perform at the end the soul retrieval ceremonies they perform through me. They call it “singing the soul forward”.

They have instructed me that an effective way to integrate the recently-retrieved soul parts into the wholeness of the soul. It involves helping each retrieved part re-experience all of the events that the rest of the soul has experienced since that part was lost from the whole. The benevolent ones give me a unique song for each person, which is sung while the events are vibrationally infused during the integration and sealing process. This part of the ceremony “catches the soul part up” so to speak on what the rest of the soul has experienced, so it, too, gets to experience the history of, and become integrated into, the wholeness of the soul.

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Invitation to shamanic healers and clients to share experiences

I am inviting you to write about your experiences that you would like to share with others, your questions and wonderings, about the shamanic healing that you do with the spirits, or that you have received from the spirits through shamanic healers.

Please Use initials or made-up names so that people’s privacy can be maintained.

My wondering for the day:

My spirits performed a soul retrieval on a client “NC” the other day. They retrieved an important part that had been taken by a parent as they passed on. We traveled to the edge of the light, my spirits went in and retrieved the soul part, then returned.

When we returned and began discussing things, NC noted that the evening of her parent’s passing, she experienced a profound state of peace and light.

My question or wondering or learning was this:

we have often thought that the soul part is caught in another space-time, and that the host soul is having experiences in in this part’s absence. apparently, it seems, the soul part is having its own experience, too. NC felt as if she was having an experience of the light, as her soul part had been transported there.