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The passing of our animal teachers from this good earth


Our animal friends are intertwined in our lives at so many levels, seen and unseen. They are our teachers, and we honor them reverently.

My friend Colleen had to put her horses down last month. She and they had been together for decades. I had had a dream about Dakota, her dearest horse. We were stepping over him as he lay on the earth. I did not understand the dream at the time I dreamed it.

Colleen told me how she had been outside after the horses passed, praying and connecting to Spirit, wrapped in her mummy bag under her tree, as she does faithfully in her practice. All at once, she was dumped out of her chair, and crashed to earth. This crash to earth set into motion a long period of pain and recovery.

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Touching the wild, inviting it in


I have noticed that I can begin to “shake things up” in my life–to reconfigure my energy system and invite more vibrancy in my everyday being-ness– by touching the wild. While I am not in Africa anymore (where the above kill shot was taken), and probably neither are you, we have wildness around us everywhere, no matter how disconnected from nature one might feel or believe that we are.

I touch the wild by simply opening the window and listening to the birds singing…or my car window for bird-song drive-bys! Watching the buds on our house plants break out into leaf- and flower-dom. Better yet, the emerging crocus and daffodil outside… Taking a walk, with an invitation in the heart, that something wild (of nature) will inform the walk in some way.

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Shaking things up with an ancient medicine


I have always seemed to carry Coyote energies. In love with, and at the same time afraid of, being the “bad girl”. When Bradford Keeney came and shared with the Portland shamanic community “shaking medicine”, a sense of permission, remembering, and a breaking out of the confines of my own rules burst forth in my life. It was not just the 60,000 yr old wisdom and power that comes from the Bushman of the Kalihari that has shaken my world (and many of my mates), but the wildness of the teacher, Brad, and the remembering of our own wildness within.

The rawness of the wild that we have forgotten in our modern world calls to us, to be breathed in once again. The ancient and steady power of the earth and star nation (sky god) calls to us again, to be invited into our hearts and bellies for healing ourselves and our communities.

As Brad was speaking, the altar that i pour my sweat lodge under turned on its ear, and a dawning of a new age of being with spirit was born. to be continued…

Shamanic Sound Healing: Message from an Emerging Healer

I have been doing some Spirit writing from some of the journeys in and out of class (Healing Through Sacred Sound and Song, A LightSong Course Taught by Dr. Lauri Shainsky), as they relate to what I am moving through personally. I guess this class is opening the door to my own personal healing and that will hopefully open doors to healing within my ancestral lines, especially with my daughter. I know this is also the door for bigger work down the road.

The Song–To the Depths of Emptiness

I was taken to a cave, to the void where there was nothing but darkness. I am a visual journeyer so this was frustrating as I kept wanting to be shown something. I felt like I was just led to nowhere. I couldn’t even tell if I was still on the journey. So I just lied there, and asked: So now what? Is this it? They said yes. They said stop looking and listen. I did and heard nothing. I was actually pissed off. I asked again, is this it? They said yes. Then, after awhile they said “This is the place sound is born”. Then we were called back. It felt so frustrating. It wasn’t the same place of quietness and solitude that I have been where you feel expansive and blissful. This place was empty to its core! It had no feeling, no sound, no light, no sense, no space. I am still sitting with it. It was actually a little scary to think about. Like I never acknowledged that there could be such a place. It reminds me of an agnostic death, where when you die, that’s it.

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