Touching the wild, inviting it in


I have noticed that I can begin to “shake things up” in my life–to reconfigure my energy system and invite more vibrancy in my everyday being-ness– by touching the wild. While I am not in Africa anymore (where the above kill shot was taken), and probably neither are you, we have wildness around us everywhere, no matter how disconnected from nature one might feel or believe that we are.

I touch the wild by simply opening the window and listening to the birds singing…or my car window for bird-song drive-bys! Watching the buds on our house plants break out into leaf- and flower-dom. Better yet, the emerging crocus and daffodil outside… Taking a walk, with an invitation in the heart, that something wild (of nature) will inform the walk in some way.

Shamanic living for me is attuning to the rhythms of nature, and treating other organisms as if they were sages. Their innate intelligence informs me, provides messages (some call these omens). Making a simply intention of attention–that I will pay attention, even in the city–to the shape of a passing cloud, that strength of becoming exuded by the dandelion shooting out of a crack in the sidewalk! The cooing of the doves…the “auking” of my friends, the crows!

I am lucky that I am surrounded by nature at Hidden Lake. I get to watch the wood ducks motor by, great blue herons meditatively hunt, deer scat pile up on their “highways” in the pasture.

I invite the wild to rearrange my brain so I can see things in a new way. with more vibrancy and innate intelligence than this two-legged can muster on its own.

Touch the wild and invite that innate vibrancy…it is as close and known to us as breathing…


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