The passing of our animal teachers from this good earth


Our animal friends are intertwined in our lives at so many levels, seen and unseen. They are our teachers, and we honor them reverently.

My friend Colleen had to put her horses down last month. She and they had been together for decades. I had had a dream about Dakota, her dearest horse. We were stepping over him as he lay on the earth. I did not understand the dream at the time I dreamed it.

Colleen told me how she had been outside after the horses passed, praying and connecting to Spirit, wrapped in her mummy bag under her tree, as she does faithfully in her practice. All at once, she was dumped out of her chair, and crashed to earth. This crash to earth set into motion a long period of pain and recovery.

When Colleen and I and our compassionate helpers gathered for a healing for her, they showed me some beautiful things about the passing of her horse. The stepping over the horse, in my dream, was a metaphor for how the passing of Dakota has created a threshold for Colleen to step across. Into a new realm of her life, where she is unburdened by the needs of her land, and free to move. Her crashing to earth was one last way that she and Dakota could merge on the physical plane with the same incarnate experience of laying the body down together. They had crashed to earth together on the battle field in other lives together. He was reaching out one last time on the physical plane to be together, and to finish their karma in a physical way.

Another dear friend lost her cat…suddenly she is noticing that this is gift from him, his last gift. He taught her deeply about love, trust, and now, she is free to move more expansively upon the earth, go anywhere, walking free with this knowledge and deepened capacity.

Our dear animal friends and us create a sacred configuration in our everyday beingness. We live and learn from them in that sweet dance of love. When they leave, we are invited to form a new configuration of our beingness, as their final gift to us on this good Earth.

Colleen is a Usui/Tibetan, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, and teaches Reiki as a lifestyle. Her unique style of healing and teaching blends shamanic techniques with her Mastery in Reiki. You can find her work at


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