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Reports of Shamanic Healing

Healing by the Lake

Shamanic Sound Healing at Hidden Lake

At the beginning of 2009, I heard from Spirit that I was to begin offering free soul retrievals. I announced it in Hidden Lake’s e-newsletter. WOW! What a response. I knew it would be a gift, but I did not realize the magnitude until it began unfolding. It was a wake up call about how much people would love to experience the work, and how, perhaps, finances are allowed to stand in the way of healing. What I also noticed was just how much grace there was in the room for these people who began coming. And while I like to spend more than one session with people, our time together was potent.

Here is what my first of a series had to say when I emailed to follow up to see how she was doing–

“Hi Lauri- I noticed a very significant “lightening”. It felt as if a large weight was lifted from me. I could physically feel the difference. Also my left ear that I had been having trouble with for 6 months and went to the doctor 3 times for was completely healed up the evening of the soul retrieval. My right knee is doing great too.

Also a couple of days after the soul retrieval I was asked to teach a class for our local community schools in my home town. This was just out of the blue so I knew that it was one of those soul path things where you needed to pay attention and say yes. So I am creating the class and writing the curriculum for the class. (Even though a large part of me wants to stay home and hide out:)

I know I really need to come and do the constellation work that you had mentioned. I still am very big on being secretive. For instance I don’t feel that in theĀ  class that I can just come and out speak about what I really want to say, I feel I have to water it down to make it acceptable.

My new mantra is what you had said to me: “What if being on a spiritual path was easy.” I keep saying this to myself when I feel like bagging it. I have also noticed how protected that I am in EVERYTHING… even when I have no clue or make a snap decision I am later shown how it was the best choice I could have made even if I had labored over the decision for months and researched every detail.

One last thing … I think my guides are joking with me. I have been asking them for a million dollars. Yesterday, one of my husbands customers wrote him a note on a piece of note paper and the note paper had on the back of it a million dollar bill. (It was a picture, I don’t know if you have seen them in some of the advertising gimmicks where they send you a million dollar bill). I told them thanks and I am wanting the kind I can put in my bank , please. Thank you so much for the gift of the soul retrieval. K “


On Alleviating Pain..or…I love reporting shamanic success!

I just received an email from a recent client i had…after 10+ years of doing shamanic work, i still am amazed and buoyed by hearing stories like this. I am a science geek turned shamanic practitioner. the need for observable results has never left this scientist’s mind…

so i loved getting this email the other day from a client who is also a science geek! H from Portland writes:
“Ok maybe miracle may be overstating it. But.. I went and saw Larry (chiropractor) yesterday (he says hi btw) and while I was laying on the table I realized that my chronic sacriiliac pain (literally a pain in the
butt) that had ranged from mild to severe was _completely_ gone! I hadn’t noticed it since our session I realized.

It never occurred to me that pain was caused by anything other than my having been a computer geek for 15 years and not getting enough exercise. But it must have been related to the extraction or soul retrieval cause the pain is completely and totally gone. I still know I need to get more exercise but at least I don’t have pain when I sit.

Larry said that the level of tension throughout my body was reduced significantly as well. I have no recurring images or thoughts in my head that don’t make sense (actually none now). My mind feels clear for the first time that I can remember. Even my therapy is reaching a new phase since the soul retreival has resolved the issues I had been working on (it did take me 2 years to get to this point and I’m sure all the therapy helped get here).

I can’t thank you and the spirits enough.

I just wanted to let you know some of the other great things that have been going on since our session.

Thanks again and have a great day.

I too have recently experienced what i call a miraculous healing at a physical level in my back, doing a Celtic style of soul retrieval taught to me by Tom Cowan. Like, wow, we really are not making this s___t up!

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