Monthly Archives: March 2009

True self

I have had some experience with the true self as a concept and an experience over the years…some vague, so not so vague.  Sometimes i felt like it was a cliche-like topic circling my periphery. But then a deeper truth pushed in to me the other day.

I was doing a soul retrieval with a client the other day. What was revealed to me was that the true self is that self of ours that is absent of soul loss. When we have soul loss, the personality develops coping mechanisms that mask the true self, often beyond conscious habitual recognition.

When I ask the spirits to have the client merge with their true self during soul retrieval, a deeper healing unfolds. The true self helps teach the soul and the rest of the being what it is like not to have soul loss, and what it is like not to have the personality/behavioral/thought form patterns that have arisen due to soul loss…Cool I thought. Now I get it…