What is Soul Loss? Soul Retrieval?

We all experience soul loss in our lives.  During trauma or illness, surgery, accidents, or some other jarring experience, a piece of our soul essence gets “chipped’ off from the whole of our soul. It gets “parked” in another space-time continuum, usually without our direct conscious awareness. Relationships with people can cause a slow drain of soul essence, whether the people are aware of it or not.

This soul loss can accumulate over our life time. At some point we reach a critical level of loss when our well-being–physical, emotional, mental–begins to be impaired in some way by this soul loss. We begin to notice that we don’t feel like our old selves anymore. That something within us is missing. We begin to notice and confront that we have behavioral patterns (addictions), or reoccuring pain or thoughts that do not respond to other forms of therapy or treatment. Sometimes we have “tried just about everything else.”  Believe me, I have been there, too!

This is the point where people find me–and in partnership with my helping compassionate spirits–I can help them. Through soul retrieval.

Soul retrieval is a beautiful ceremony taught to me by my teacher Jan Engels-Smith. Its roots date back to Isis and Osiris in the Egyptian pantheon–when Osiris was cut up and scattered about the landscape by his brother, Isis called on the powers of the universe to retrieve and reassemble her beloved, in the original soul retrieval!).

Using shamanic journeying, we travel to non-ordinary reality, where our spirits help locate lost soul parts in that time-space continuum in which they were parked. We bring the soul parts that most need to come back at this time, back into ordinary reality and blow them back into the person in need.

During the journey, we also retrieve a power animal for each part that assists the person in welcoming that soul part back into the whole of the soul. That power animal helps the person learn about what that soul part needs to weave completely back into the whole of the soul.  It is really quite beautiful, and often sets the person off on a new line of inquiry and growth that may incorporate shamanism into their lives. In a subsequent 8-session series, I work with people and teach them how to journey and access the wisdom from their power animals to gain health and mastery over their lives. This training puts the person in direct contact with their helping ones and gives them the tools for self-healing.

Soul retrieval is always accompanied by a related ceremony, extraction. The voids left when the soul parts leave get filled with dense energies, energetic gunk–what my spirits call “spiritual plaque”, This gunk can exacerbate the lack of wellness, and can cause illness (“dis-ease, the lack of ease). Extraction is a ceremony whereby my spirits help move that dense energy out of your system, transmuting it and sending it “home” where at its native frequency, can do its original work, elsewhere.

This, in shamanism, we are either taking out the stuff that does not belong to your spirit/ soul/ energetic system, or putting stuff that does belong back in, and usually both!!!!


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