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Sound healing class is coming around again

I am particularly excited about this fall, as my next gathering/facilitating of shamanic sound healing is coming…i wanted to share the gems that people shared with me about their experiences last spring…always good to know what impact the healing is making in the world. and for people who are thinking about taking the class, this is what people had to say. no editing was done…

Reflections on the Course: Healing through Sacred Sound and Song:

What was the most important thing(s) you walked away with from this course?

To always remember to sink down into my heart before I open my mouth

Experience using my voice in a powerful, healing way and knowing what it feels like to channel another being through voice and body.

  • how sound impacts my/our emotional states
  • how the throat chakra and speaking out/singing/vocalizing were common threads for healing with our group, and how the spirits instructed you Lauri to guide us to new places of growth
  • how my/our helpers are just waiting to be invited to assist
  • how love blends with sacred sound with intention to bring healing
  • how vibrations clear blockages, open up new spaces, balance, equalize, heal, calm, ground, remind me/us to wake up/be awake!

how each sound healing medium has different spirits, songs, healers for all of us – matching the individual person

For me it was the reconnection to journey work. It was my original shamanic work and the reconnection was powerful for me. And to tie that in with sound healing, the song doctoring felt very powerful, but more importantly, the process of opening myself to Spirt for healing sound, original sound.

The realization of how powerful sound healing is and has always been in my life.

What aspects about the course made this possible?

The journey work and experiment, practice, experiment, practice  …

Having opportunities during each class to use my voice during a “healing trade” with another classmate and most of all by having the opportunity to use my voice for hours during the community healing night.  I was really able to step into the flow, anchor in my confidence and get my ego out of the way as the night went on.

  • Lauri, as an instructor, you took time to listen for guidance & assistance, to trust and take risks
  • group openness to trust, ask for assistance, take risks

Journeywork, the tools you brought to class, and your willingness to share your gift – very inspiring.

The journey work and the practical applications, working on other people.

Most surprising lesson(s) from the spirits:

They are patient and if I forget lessons, they will teach them to me again … I was going through old journals and read notes from the Women’s Retreat at Hidden Lake and I received the same message from “Momma Bear” as I received during this class

They can’t do anything on earth without us humans!

  • the healing song sung to me – all of the words in the song individually had deeper, hidden meanings that matched my helpers, my healing, and animal guides I had been working with previously this year

woo hoo hoo!  (see flicker website with photo of Short-eared Owl named “woo hoo hoo”)

That they came so easily.

How easy the connection is.

How do you think this work will play out for you—will you use it in your personal life? Professional life?

I am integrating sound in all aspects of my life … in my wildest dreams I would never have envisioned singing a baby into the world or singing and humming to a dying person … my 10 month old grandson loved playing with my rattles, bells, etc …

I’ve already used it in my personal life by voicing, from an empowered place, what I see from my heart.  In the past I would often choose to stay quiet or edit myself for fear of the “consequences”.  I often find that the person I am speaking to can really hear me because I am coming from a heart-felt place without doubting myself.

This class has helped me in my professional life as a healing arts practitioner.  I now have more confidence in my connection to helping spirits and translating the information they want the client to receive.  I have also incorporated spontaneous vocalizations in my practice.

  • continue to hold intention to open up in sound & song healing

introduction of various sound healing modalities into clinical setting

I think once one experiences this work it is impossible to be conscious and not have it affect daily life in some way. Some days when I don’t notice sound it is a mechanism to make me more conscious. So, yes I use it in my personal life and have already used it with clients.

I know I will use it personally and professionally but don’t know how it will play out yet.

What characteristics about the way the course was taught/facilitated worked best for your learning?

Lauri you teach from the heart … I really appreciate the way you encourage everyone to trust the spirits and try “new approaches” … to just step out of the way and let spirit guide the work … Your approach has freed me to have the courage to use sound and to make sounds … to surrender to the process and understand that it is not possible for me to “know” or anticipate the outcome because when I get out of the way the outcome surpasses my wildest dream.

Additionally your candor and sharing of personal experiences enriches the learning process.  For me it provides insights to the behind the scenes activities and heightens my awareness … your talking about spirit’s instructions for class … supported my learning and surrendering process …  it helped me trust and I’d find myself thinking .. oh this is what Lauri means.  Your laughter is a wonderful reminder not to take things to seriously and that laughter is right up there with chicken soup as a cure all

The journey work and the hands-on experience with voice and instruments worked well for me.

  • * Immediately moving into experiential mode with drumming, song doctoring, journeying, playing with different instruments & honoring what they wanted to teach us.

The natural progression of the class and your willingness to follow guidance from Spirit.

The practical applications, hands on working.

What would you like to see changed/improved to help the next students have a better experience?

On one hand a 10 week commitment for me is a long stretch … on the other I love all that you cover and the 10 weeks allows for a wide range of experiences …

One more night with the crystal bowls! 🙂

A break with snacks that students provide. I think this work makes us hungry and I know it affects my blood sugar. But in any shamanic class I have attended. that had such breaks I think the energy stayed stronger for the whole group. Also, a class roster. We weren’t sure the best way to contact you when we had to miss.

Even if class lasts a little longer, a break with a wopula (sp?), share food, etc. Could just be a short one.

What would you have liked that you did not receive that would have made the experience more complete?

Can’t thing of anything except more time …

I would have appreciated a bit more work with my voice/song doctoring.

Can’t think of anything. I am really challenged around allowing my voice to emerge and think it will just take time and more work.

The experience felt complete for me.

How, if at all, are you changed by having taken this course?

When I am making a decision about investing my time … be it in taking a class or spending free time … my question to my self is .. Does it make my soul sing?  I would never have used those words or known that feeling if it wasn’t for your classes


Lauri, I received the following note from my friends who attended our last class … thought you’d like to see it

And last night, I felt like every time someone was receiving a healing, their intentions were shifting and moving and healing aspects of my Being, as well.  And Laurie is such a grounded, strong, Wonderful Presence!

I have had amazing openings in my consciousness and am embodying my truth in a much greater capacity.  I was able to shed fear of using my voice which is a vital part of my creative expression here on earth.  Because of my experiences in this class, I had the opportunity to, in a safe space, open and use my voice as a sacred mode of healing that allowed me to re-member and re-connected to wisdom I gained in past lives where I used vocalizations as a crucial part of healing for myself and others.

I am continuing to learn about my helpers and how they assist me in the midst of my healing work.  I am learning how I may use my voice, various instruments and sound healing.

Every Thursday after class the energy in our house was different, better, lighter. We got more done, got a long better, felt lighter and happier. Now, when things feel heavy or difficult it is a reminder to reengage.

I feel more centered, more educated in the fact of how important sound healing is and always has been in my life.”

thank you dear ones…looking forward to more nourishing sound with people and spirit. yay! i get to do this for a living!