Monthly Archives: September 2009

New Messages from Old Stones

I rode my bike up to the top where I could see Mount Hood. She is the source of all of the grandmothers (stones) that I will use in theĀ  Autumnal Equinox Inipi (Sweat Lodge) i will be pouring tomorrow. I thought she could give me some more guidance about the lodge. I journeyed with my helping spirits to the sound of my dog Bodhi panting (did not have my drum, rattle or advil bottle with me–panting dogs work well, btw).

I journeyed down into the core of Mt. Hood. The master stone grandmother was there. The first thing she did was throw stones at me. My first reaction was to duck in fear. Immediately she showed me /told me how silly it was to be afraid, especially in the upper world of non-ordinary reality. So i let her hit me the next time and the next, and at the margins of the hole the stone left, light penetrated and grew. Wow, it was almost the opposite of the process of soul loss, where injuries cause loss of light.

She said that this is a part of the process of enlightenment. Facing fears, standing with faith while the spirits throw things at you that you can indeed handle. When we have a critical mass of soul essence, these shatterings and challenges cause the light to grow! of course!

Then my spirits began ripping me apart. Ehis was a dismemberment…they said that shattering and the resulting enlightenment is inevitable.

And the message for the people in the lodge–do not fear the stones and what they bring. They are here to help of course!