Monthly Archives: November 2009

Shamanic Sound Intensive

I was honored to have 12 people here to join in exploring how love, sound, spirit and intention can work to bring about miraculous effects in healing.


experienced a new “hollow bone ceremony”, sang from the heart, embarked on a Celtic Soul Revival Ceremony, worked with our voices, bowls, rattles. We did an inipi and were in a deep communion with spirit.

It was amazing how tightly woven we became, early on (Immediately, actually, right from the Casting of the Circle ceremony).

I am going to be posting people’s remarks (if they want me to) here about the weekend… I am still basking in the wonder of it all!

Great gratitude to the compassionate ones that came to heal and teach us.

——From Kristen——————:

“I had an absolutely stunning, amazing weekend at our intensive. As the past 2 days have unfolded now back home, I am noticing distinctly in the contrast of home how deeply connected we all were to Spirit all the time during the weekend. Like it was a transformation the instant we all gathered in circle Friday night & we were held, cradled, nurtured, contained in compassionate, helping, loving, transformative Spirit the whole time together. It was amazing, delicious, treasured, happy, healing, joyful, and also incredibly natural–like once you open to Spirit & remain open, it is absolutely always present & available. To be in a community where ALL of us were connected to Spirit & to each other was that much more powerful–exponential. My experience of our sweat lodge ceremony on Sunday was truly a transformative culmination for me as well. Thank you for providing this amazing container for all of that Spirit connection & experience!”