Monthly Archives: December 2009

Winter Solstice Inipi

We had 37 people gathered to celebrate the winter solstice in a sacred way of the traditional sweat lodge ceremony. The spirits kept me awake for hours and hours in the nights leading up to the lodge. Firstly, they were adamant that we remembered the key elements of the lodge ceremony, the stone nation. These beings have seen everything. They have come to the earth from the far ends of the universe, have been inside of our local volcanoes (Hood, Mazama). They have watched us evolve, two-leggeds trying to become human beings. They take our pain and transmute it. They understand and know everything, and dispense their wisdom in the steam as the water is poured over them.

The spirits wanted us to ask ourselves, “How comfortable are you with the darkness?” Meaning, how well do we sit with those things in us and our lives we deem or label “dark”–because these are the very things that cause us to seek, to pray, to grow.

The spirits wanted us to see, “How can you be surprising sources of light?” Where in our lives can we surprise ourselves and others with love and light, especially in the holiday season.

And, who are we and how do we get back to the core of who we are, absent of our programs, masks?

great questions to ask and answer as we move into the new year.

I am so grateful the spirits came, the people came, love and healing, release and community abound. Pilamaye.