Drum Beats: An Organizing Sound at a Cellular & Community Level

Our shamanic sound healing course convened last week. During one of the journeys, I asked my sound healing power animal about how sound works. I was shown something very basic, and beautiful, about the drum. It seemed like something I knew already at some level, but they showed it in such a beautiful way, that I got it at a visceral level of understanding.

Their message:

The journey drum beat “organizes the contents of our cells” …

They said (using imagery) “Imagine a million cups of water on a table. Now slam your hand down on the table, and watch the water in the cups all leap and vibrate, all at the same time.”

Now (and i am translating again, visual information to verbal information)  “imagine the drum as applying similiar force, on all of your cells–the fluids move synchronously in a dancing of vibration, all organized in a pattern of movement over time, like a rhythmic cellular massage.

“The vibrations, in this very tight pattern of sound, turn into a very tight organization of matter in your cells. Your heart creates a kind of pattern in sound too but only the cells in proximity to the sound of the heart get organized by the sound of the beat; your vessels move with the true pressure created by the working of the heart.

The drum distributes this tight organization over your entire body, and  it gets better! Everyone’s cells in the room are being equally, and synchronously patterned by the drum beat. And what is better still, this organized pattern of vibration is like an opening of a doorway that allows information to come into the matrix of matter and imprint at a cellular level”

Cool, we are vibrating at a cellular level together…

This might sound fundamental, but it has turned to FUN! DUH! MENTAL! information.


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2 responses to “Drum Beats: An Organizing Sound at a Cellular & Community Level

  1. Great description Lauri! I know I often feel the drum’s visceral effect. It plays such a key part of my journeys often…helping me to tune into the messages and ‘feel’ what’s there. Thanks for sharing your experience of this. 🙂 Melinda

  2. Beautiful way to describe sounds relationship to our body. I write music for healing using numerology and sacred geometry as an organizing principle. Though it doesn’t use a steady beat like a drum I find it helps relax a person into a state where their inner beat becomes more apparent to them. Listen to some samples on my youtube channel and let me know what you think. http://www.youtube.com/user/soundpoints Read more info in my blog at soundpoints.wordpress.com

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