Monthly Archives: June 2010

Helping with the spill shamanically

i have been tuning in and working on the spill lately. two things the spirits showed me—there is a tremendous amount of light in a layer that is being generated by spiritual workers across the continent/globe. it was neat to tap into it because i was feeling a great amount of grief and it helped me change my broadcast to love, light, hope, solutions. the other thing the spirits showed me is that BP is fumbling, and so are other efforts, because of the huge negative thoughtform generated by public perception and diatribes. so we must begin in huge proportions connecting people who are working on this to the vast divine wisdom of the universe so that the bright successful ideas come through. that they feel supported and not put down and chastised by the public. that they be divinely supported in their successes. am sure this is not new news to people, but wanted to keep presensing it.