Monthly Archives: August 2010

Compassion, Judgement, Relaxing the grip on need gratification

Today I viewed with some interest and despair (irkage, actually, my new word for the day) at an email dialogue where someone was judging someone about their life’s work, saying they did not know what they were doing, did not have the right to say this or that or make claims on their website about their skills and lineage.

My first response was “who are you to judge what power and wisdom one truly has, just by reading their website content? (oh, yes, isn’t everything on the web true????).

We all come to our spirit work and walk from different directions, and I pray that the work we do, whatever lineage we have or say we have, does good in the world. that people feel better, earth / land is brighter having had our ceremony or healing activities there, that society has one more light raising the whole boat of consciousness and love and healing.

Then i was reminded of  the wisdom the tree at my family’s sundance transmitted to me this year: When I am in judgment about a person, it is often a knee-jerk reaction, rooted in a fear that some need i have is not being met. that i can always trace a judgement about another (usually a critical thought about them, their behavior, eg.) to some need that i have that they are not fulfilling. Someone was “bugging me” and so i took this feeling and asked the tree about it as i was singing, dancing and praying. it was amazing and rang so true that i could follow the thread to a fear that i was not safe and that i did not have enough energy to keep that person at a proper psychic distance, because they were needy and i felt sucking on my energy. Of course, once i saw this, i could tap into my true knowing that i am totally safe, protected by spirit, and have infinite energy because i am connected to source. that i could act with grace and love towards that person.

What is really important is our own walk–a walk we walk in trust and faith– not looking over the fence and judging others in fear and lack. The email exchange truly reflected a fear that the person who was judging would not be able to own or have access to the power and wisdom the person they were judging had. the wisdom we gain from spirit is not something we own, nor is it exclusive. it is to be shared and passed on. if we clamp down on it out of fear, the flow of love and healing is inhibited.