Monthly Archives: October 2010

Wisdom from the Spirit of the Lake

The spirit of the lake came to me on my walk today. This is a spirit who works with me in the lodge, and helps caretake the people who come to Hidden Lake for retreat and healing. She shared some more information with me–this is the way it is with the spirits, they meter it out when we are ready for the next piece.

She has shown herself to me in two forms–one is like an octapus, with many arms made of the same texture as our organs. This form allows her to align with organ tissue in a harmonious way and do internal healing. Another form which she shares with me and others who come is the “lady of the lake”. In this form, she provides a nurturing, familiar presence to the people, taking their pain and suffering and cleansing their beingness.

Today was a sunny warm October day, so her topic was especially poignant. She said that “we should not resist the waters”. At this time of year, many of us NW Oregonians begin going through grief about the loss of sunlight and warmth, with the return of the torrential downpours and long periods of wet, cold, rain. We actually begin broadcasting low density energies because we may be saying, “yuck, here comes the rain again, it will be raining until July 5th”, or whatever each person’s version of rain aversion is. This broadcasted energy is unhealthy and unproductive and begets more dense energy. I actually had never considered this before because it feels like a natural part of my annual cycle.

We are so blessed to be in the part of the globe where water is abundant. It goes without say that many other places are not. The standing ones, the trees, dance and glow and give and give and give to us here because of the abundance of rain. the cascading waters form an amazing, unmatched maze of streams, creeks, and rivers, supporting so much life. But more importantly, it is simply to be bright and shiny, as it rains, is wet and cold in air temperature. to express and celebrate our warm-bloodedness and warm-heartedness as the seasons change.