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Consequences of Shamanic healing that are not initially comfortable

Many people I know who go through shamanic, sound or other kinds of energetic healing encounter rough waters after their healing sessions. We often think that after a healing everything is going to be perfect, rosy, all puppies and flowers. So this rough water comes as a big surprise, and is sometimes disconcerting.

I believe that what happens is that this work increases the vibrational frequency of our body, mind and soul, and our capacities in all aspects of our lives expand. From this expansion and vibrational shifts, a few general kinds of consequences unfold:

  1. Low vibrational thoughts and feelings and habits that are not in alignment or compatible with our system’s higher frequency and expansion begin to shake and rattle to be expelled. In order for these incompatible aspects to be released, the system’s matrix or configuration has to shatter in a place or two. While this does not feel very good, it feels better when it’s over.


  2. The sound healer/Tibetan Buddhist I have studied with, Tom Kenyon, teaches about the concept of “terma”, whose literal translation is “hidden treasure”. Our higher self that knows all, places out ahead of us on our path potent points of learning that we reach right at the perfect time in our spiritual development. These points are called “terma”, and are like buried treasure along our whole life’s path. When we do energetic healing, it is as if Spirit/your higher self says, “oh, you are stronger and wiser now, and you can now handle clearing this particular aspect of your soul’s karma”. And so you encounter a terma, which of course your higher self knew you would be ready to encounter right at this time. Again it is not always pretty or comfortable in the clearing of it in the moment, but you will feel better when its clear.


    Both of these types of things can be done on your own, or helped along with the further assistance of your energy worker or both. I have had my share of shatterings, small and big,and will continue to. It is a natural part of the path. I like to think of it like the weather, an ever changing landscape, impermanent.