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Winter Solstice Sweat Lodge

About the lodge we had at Hidden Lake on the solstice

It was a miracle that we all fit. 28 people in the lodge. Some people remarked that they had the sensation of lots of room around them. This is another reminder that our experiences in lodge transcend what our minds believe can happen or is true. Stones grow in size, the lodge grows to accommodate the people…spirits make themselves visibly apparent, prayers are answered in amazing ways. People are miraculously healed. The people who gave us this ceremony know the power and amazing results that unfold. We are so grateful to them for gifting us these ways, even in the face of our taking so much from them.

A hug wopila again to JoAnn the fire tender who is here with heart always.

Some notes on what the spirits had us experience, which are messages for everyone:

Divine future retrieval—with our hearts, see and pull to us our divine, perfect future– brilliant shining on the horizon, formerly unapparent to us, now seen. See it, feel it…Envelope and be informed by it and believe in the greatest possibilities. Dream big. You deserve it. Love yourself and say yes to greatness.

Ponder all of the ways we encounter, interact, attract miracles.

Oh the grounding, nourishing roots that we grew to tap into the mother of all mothers, the earth, Send an intention extending from your root chakra down into the earth. Grow roots down to the mother earth, source of unconditional love. When we tap into the endless source of love from earth, we do not have to look for source in the people around us (reduces co-dependence). Always nourishing. We can always call on her to fill us, at any time. keep the roots there.

With our consciousness and opening our crown chakra, we journeyed up and made a connection with our birth star—this is a source of our original instructions, our soul’s true path. Particularly potent in this planetary configuration, the shining and emination of it is healing and informative. We are to continue to let it inform us of our true self. The truth before the densities of earth had their way with us. this is what we must know and live from.

We journeyed to find a power animal to help us meet our future– fully without reservations, obstacles. Merging with our power animal to help cleanse, so that we can be in our miraculous future today in our fullest capacity, without the densities of earth that hold us back. Converse, come into relationship/partnership with this animal—they have power and wisdom from the spirit world that can help guide you. You can remind yourself of their assistance by placing pictures or carvings of them around you. This is part of a shamanic way of living.

Being unreasonable (without the reasons not, the reasons why we don’t get what we desire). We give these up to retrieve and live in our miraculous, perfect future.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and an astonishingly beautiful and fulfilling divine future, starting now~