Last month the planetary events and my micro-earthly events were intense, sublime, love-gathering,love-generating. Solstice, eclipse on the galactic plane, a crescendo with my sound class. The power and people were all around and ignited, igniting.

Today I feel like a little unfilled balloon whose only desire is to lay down under a warm blanket in a cave and rest. I have joy in my heart, but the balloon,  it’s flat and not going anywhere.

And well, it is bear time.

At night my spirits come and doctor me–last night they went to all the places in my life when I felt like a geek (which was constantly, until 10th grade, except when I was at camp). They retrieved all of the soul essence my anti-friends stole from me in the teasing or ignoring of me on the playground. My blessed ones bathed my chakra system with soul essence.

Wow! A really effective, nourishing exercise. You can do this with your awareness. Get quiet, and ask the unseen ones that help you (whether you are fully aware of them or not). It is like a history scrub, one topic at a time.

My spirits are so wise–my flatness is symptom of this time of rest and integration, so I am not stirring things up too much with activity.

After all, it is beartime.


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