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On the Life Cycle of Sacred Songs

In my shamanic sound class, the spirits recently directed us to the following journey: Show us about the life cycle of sacred songs

My spirits showed me the following in their usual rich symbology, metaphor:

The heart is the instigator, the entity that calls forth the song. It comes from a heart-felt desired for whatever the purpose of the song—an honoring, calling, doctoring song. The emanation from the heart sends a voice to the spirit world. This calling rises up into the regions of unformed spiritual power and wisdom, sweetly imploring the spirits to begin their sending of song.

The thread of the song drops down into the crown and begins engaging the mind. The mind activates the results of the prayer that song represents—the visualization and seeing of the manifestation of the song’s action…This creates the conscious framework for the song’s actualization. An automatic, unquestioned belief in the songs power forms.

As the song develops in the singer and their relationship with the cosmos, the lungs and breath are gathering sacred power from the heart and engaging our whole beingness in the holy cycle of breath and prayer (as with praying with the canunpa). The song and the spirits in and around the song delight and begin their dance on earth, charging the people, the ceremonial space with their power and wisdom.

The song begins being passed around the family, community and grows as a living entity. It gathers power in its use and dance. Thoughtforms gather. Experiences about its power grow and imbed in the culture of those singing it, imbuing the song further with community healing power.

When the prayer of the song is manifested, the song returns to the cosmos, or creates a new line of manifestation (songline) to follow and dance along and so is sung again.