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A ceremony for after a ceremony

I always wonder and ponder and talk with other family members about how to carry on the learning and healing from the sundance ceremony we are immersed in each year. How to bring it into our everyday beingness.

The spirits (the “they” I refer to in the text below) gave me a ceremony for imbuing our land with the energy and spirit of this year’s sundance.

First, they gave me a symbol that conveyed the power of the ceremony (link: sundanceemblem1_Layout 1). They directed me to make certain parts of the symbol certain colors (I have the paint so far…). I am to paint this on 9 stones, each stone to be placed around the perimeter of the land and one in the center. I am to sing while placing these stones so that the stones and trees can relearn the songs, which will carry in the wind and across the land.

Next they told me to make robes (large bundles of tobacco with prayers placed in them). Each robe, for each of the colors for the 6 directions, is to have specific prayers about what I learned and what was conveyed to me by the tree, the songs, the people of the dance. (I have made most of the robes as well as taking notes on what the prayers are that have been made).These robes are to be placed around the perimeter at the appropriate directional boundary.

Each of these things will encourage the spirits to perpetuate the learnings and experiences prayed into the robes, and share them with the people who come to Hidden Lake for healing, reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

I believe this to be good template for other ceremonies besides the Sundance. (Try it yourself and let me know what you notice.)

sundanceemblem1_Layout 1