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The Cave of the Heart: Returning Home to You

I discovered the Cave of the Heart when I was in the process of being initiated to pour water (facilitate sweat lodge ceremonies). As part of our initiation, each of us was to have poured for us a purge lodge—this lodge was a very hot lodge with upwards of 60 stones. During the purge lodge poured for me, as I was contemplating my discomfort–which rose to a hot throttle– the spirits rushed in and saved me.

They saved me by driving my awareness down from my head into my heart, where I discovered a cave with a brilliant fire burning. Like the hot molten center of the Earth, this was the center of me. I was safe there; my helping spirits lived there, or came to and went from there. In fact, they were dancing around the fire upon my arrival. Images with information were projected onto the walls of the cave, flickering in the shadows and light of the fire. Here I received messages.

This place correlates with the understanding in shamanism that the portal through which the spirits come and go in our work is our open heart. For me, one of the ways this manifests is the cave of the heart. Very distinctive spirits of my lineage live there, and participate in the ushering of others.

I have been aimless of late and allowing myself to be consumed by all things unspiritual. On my walk today, the spirits called me back down into the cave of my heart for a talking to. It was amazing how my energy shifted, and I received clear guidance about my upliftment.

I highly recommend exploring this for yourself. you will journey home to yourself and rediscover you.


Seeking excellence in blogging on spirituality and wellness for Nov. Carnival of Healing

I signed up one late night to host November’s Carnival of Healing Blog Round Up.
I now imagine lassoing excellent blogs that are thought and heart-provoking, and help uplift people’s spirit.

So I am calling all excellent spiritual bloggers. shamanic bloggers…to present your wonderful work that assists us in raising our vibration, living more intentionally. more in alignment with spirit.