Bear time

We are heading into that deep time of inner contemplation, when to be in rhythm with the seasons means slowed activity and cozy times. It is anathema that we are asked by our American culture to rush out to the malls to buy presents, to lots or farms to cut down trees, to go out and attend holiday parties with friends and coworkers, and to go to airports, get on planes and move in time and space with hundreds of our earthmates.
A time of natural hibernation has turned into a time of flurry, exposure, and hyperactivity.

So I breathe and go down into the cave of my heart. I close my eyes, and with my awareness, journey down to my heart. Within my heart is a cozy cave where there is a warm fire glowing. Images and information flash on the walls of the cave, illuminated by the flames. My power animals and teaching spirits are there. I feel safe and whole there. And I can go out from there in this time of cultural incongruence with peace and tranquility, and hope that the sale at Macy’s lasts another day.


One response to “Bear time

  1. Cultural In-congruence: Peace and Tranquility / Another sale day at Macys.
    Boy did I walk through that one. Thank heavens I had a place to return to at night, my own heart cave, to rejuvenate. After my amazing trip into non-ordinary reality during my ;last experience in your company, my ‘sales’ during the following over the top hectic period of ordinary reality at Macys, EXPLODED! .Even ‘The Big Boss’, in from New York on tour of our store, took deliberate time to seek me out with the question “Who is this guy?”
    Feeling empowered. – Tom

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