Soul Retrieval for Dogs

I had the honor and new experience of doing soul retrieval* on three of my friend’s/student’s dogs. I had come to do a house-clearing and right away, I had the visceral feeling that two of them who greeted me needed soul retrieval.

Signs of excessive agitation and fear were most apparent to me in the two dogs that met me right away, as I entered M’s house. I could hear the 3rd dog barking upstairs.

The process was completely spirit-guided, as I had never performed soul retrieval on animals before.

I performed the ceremony on one dog at a time. For the first two, I had M drum. I asked for dog treats and had them in my hand, along with my soul-catching crystal.

As the journey for the first soul retrieval began, a fox joined me as the power animal to both help me with the retrieval and to be the dog’s helper. The fox switched back and forth from red to white, showing me its other-worldiness. I was so happy to have the fox there. She immediately began telepathically communicating the experience of being a canine, so I was perceiving the journey from a dog’s perspective–this dog’s perspective, and her past. In the journey, it was a cacophonous, strange, scary city that the dog was lost in. Almost getting hit by cars that honked at her, she was running in a terror; she was hungry and did not know where to find food. She was assaulted by the sounds and energy and movement of strange menacing things. She was in PANIC.

The fox showed me that soul loss was happening in pulses, and that she was losing clouds of soul particles in pulses. Unlike the humans I work with, where I travel long distances to find large distinct lost soul parts, the soul parts were hovering very near the body of the dog, like a cloud of dust. This seemed very cool, and right, since my impression of dogs is that they do not mentally masticate their issues like we do, but hold them in their body with emotional consciousness.

I was wondering before I began the journey how I was going to be able to blow the soul parts back into the dog. For humans, we get close to their hearts and heads, and blow the soul parts from the crystal into their crown and heart chakras. For dogs, it was apparent that that was going to be a challenge, and a personal hazard when working with some dogs. The all-knowing fox showed me how to solve this problem. After we collected the soul dust into the crystal, we came back to ordinary reality and blew the soul parts and power animal into the dog treats, and then fed them to the dog. The fox was brilliant! It worked wonderfully!

When the ceremony was done, this dog laid down on the couch and went to sleep. She seemed a little more calm.

As the next soul retrieval journey began for the second dog, a black wolf appeared. She showed me that this dog also had pulses of soul loss, but his was turned down a few notches, and was at the emotional level of  WORRY. In the past, he had gone through a period where he did not know, nor could he rely on, an expected pattern of  his days. His world was unpredictable and unsettled and it worried him. When he would eat, go out, be pet or paid attention to–this pattern of his day was not well established and he was suspended in a state of worry. He, too, had clouds of soul particles very near his body. We collected them (and the wolf) in the crystal, blew them into the treats. He accepted the soul pieces and the wolf in the treats readily. He showed an immediate response of relaxation. He appeared to move around the house with more emotional ease. It was very touching to see.

For the third dog’s ceremony, M held him in her lap and I drummed. My old friend Watney, the Rottweiler, showed up to help. He took me to an image where this dog was high up on a tall building, looking down over the edge. He was afraid of stepping forward; his footing was uncertain and this made him nervous. We retrieved his soul cloud and Watney jumped into the crystal to help. This third dog happily ate his soul pieces and the Rottweiler that went with them. When I finished he did not bark at me anymore, and seemed more at peace.

I was very moved by this experience. I had never done a soul retrieval on a dog before. I look forward to doing more of them!

* Soul retrieval is a sacred ceremony done by well-trained shamanic practitioners. We believe that one of its origins was ancient Egypt, and can be seen clearly in the story of Isis and Osiris. The ceremonial practice seeks to bring back parts of our soul that get separated from the core of our soul during trauma. We feel more whole and illuminated, more alive and healthy, as a result of this ceremony. This ceremony is an integral part of my work with my human clients. I look forward to expanding my work to include pets!


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