Winter Solstice Lodge



The Sweat Lodge on the solstice at Hidden Lake was a wonderful way to enter and call in the light and 2012. The weather spirits were so kind, opening the night sky to let the stars in in a big way (and keeping us dry)

 The spirits came in in a big way the first round. It is always interesting to notice if any of the directions resonated more or less with us. They each have their own medicine, and in my cosmology: The west brought introspection (black/water); the north brought wisdom and gratitude (red/earth); the east brought new beginnings (yellow, air) and south, passion (white/fire). When we call these directions in, with above and below, all aspects and potentiality are included. Clues to what we need to focus on come when we notice we are feel the directions differently.

The people who came to lodge honored the stones in such a good way. There was such reverence, from the care and love and attention by the firetenders, to Yuri’s kind placement of the stones into the center of the lodge, to the connections people made with the stones and the songs we sang to them. It was very heart-warming to know that the grandmothers were seen, heard, felt.

 The spirits made it very clear before during my prep journeys, and during the lodge, that we are to honor ALL aspects of our selves. What we deem “dark” or “negative” about ourselves is to be embraced, not shunned like is our first instinct. These things are karmic and drive us to seek the light. They also help us balance on the cosmic circle. They feed the light in us and cause us to seek the help we need to heal. When we shun these parts, we induce soul loss, which furthers the pain and suffering. How we walk with both sides is the dance of life. So, at this time of solstice, buoyed by the darkness, we are greeted by the coming of light.

 They used a book of chapters of our lives as a metaphor for considering our healing. I had a client write to me about her story, and how broken she feels. We all have those chapters that we have written about the breaks, tears, mishaps, etc. The spirits have shown me frequently that our stories (the way we describe the world to ourselves, and what we have assimilated from “outside” of ourselves—society, PARENTS, friends, colleagues, etc.) keep us in a particular configuration, they have shown it as a network like the framework of the lodge. Our energy and focus on our stories (which contain both fact and fiction about what has happened to us in life, what we believe to be true, chapters on our wounds and mistakes) travel along this framework, feeding our perception of reality—including our state of wellness or lack thereof. Shamanism, and other energy work, gets in side the framework, seeking to shift and expand us. If we do not loosen the framework (the story, our beliefs, our narrative about the way the world is) we can not expand.

 So the spirits wanted us to feel empowered and poised to write a new chapter in the sacred book of our life. There are jewels in previous chapters that shine. And we have total creative license to write the most amazing story ever!

 We are creators, and so the lodge set into motion astonishing, surprising, empowering creations in our lives. (And of course, shit will happen along the way. It is what we make of it and tell ourselves about it that we have poetic license for! ) For creating wellness from circumstances that greet us.

 We were implored to remember the trigger we asked the grandmothers for, for noticing our intentions and prayers in motion

My trigger is my little 15-yr old kitty. I end and begin each day with her in my face, literally. She likes to smell my eyes…she is a great teacher.

 We are called by the spirits to invite our trigger to remind us to notice the evidence that our astonishing, surprising, empowering creation is unfolding!

When I was at Tom Kenyon’s sound healing workshop, we did a meditation to our bones. I learned so much about myself and my life, and continue to do this as a journey. Our bones hold the akashic records of the truth of who we are. The journey we did to our bones was to help us remember, to ask the bones to vibrate and release the truth. I had the experience of my truth burning like fire as it emerged out of my bones, filling the other layers of my body. And everything that was not consistent with the truth naturally got pushed out and went into the stones. The grandmothers with open arms so readily received this.

 During the last round, we did a power animal retrieval on ourselves! A power animal to help us with our ascension and our time with the ascension of Earth. And really, any thing you need help with in the coming year. Power animals in shamanism are like our best friends. We have pictures and figurines of them everywhere so we are reminded in the third dimension (ordinary reality) that they are with us in non-ordinary reality. Our power animals do amazing things, especially if we feed them with our conscious attention, intention, and awareness. We also put offerings out for them. They may even want us to eat certain things for them. Or do certain things for them. It is a sacred partnership. In shamanism, we journey to the animals to ask them things, and we notice for synchronicities and messages in our normal state of consciousness. We also meditate and listen for their guidance. Or simply stare at a picture or figurine of them. They will always find a way to make contact with us, if we say yes to listening. 

I pray that we have set things into motion for you in a good way!



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