Monthly Archives: January 2012

Going on a Squeegie Hunt, I am not afraid, what’s that up ahead?

I am going on a vision quest in Colorado in May…I usually go with my shamanic community ( but because of the unique role I play and am totally committed to in camp, I have been practically forbidden to quest. So, I found another route at a good time in my schedule ( Very 21st century of me I suppose.

The quest of course has begun already. The ceremony begins when we make the commitment. the first aspect of preparation for me is physical. I will be carrying a 50 lb pack for five miles at high elevation. I am 53 and ride a computer, a lot. so this is the first phase–getting into shape.

In the last month I have done several ceremonies with 40-50 stones. I have prayed to them, offered them tobacco, nourished them with corn meal, and then had some transformative initiations inside geometric ceremonial altars we have made with them. They have become my beloved ones, my familiars. So now they are riding around on my back. I put them in my day pack, and I am carrying up hills on my daily hikes. I will be adding some stone people every few days. I am up to 16 lbs, and it is only my first week. i love them. They are making me strong.

It makes me smile as there are several Lakota songs about the stone nation needing to roam. I feel like I am helping them roam. I can feel them supporting me. It is quite a magnificent surreal powerful dance we are in together.

Tunkan oyate wan, Pilamaye!