Monthly Archives: May 2012

Spiritual Dimensions of Pain

A group of us did some *piggy-back journeys during our sound circle about the spiritual dimensions of pain. We all received some very interesting information. Here are some of the teachings my spirits did about pain.

The density of pain has history–It’s sticky and gooey like tar. We track in it, through it, we leave foot prints of it, like mud on a carpet.

Our minds project  and manifest pain–shown as a dark glob that arose from my thoughts, hovered outside of me, then entered my body to manifest the pain, generated by thought.

Pain comes from doingness. the landscape of pain has texture and history. It is always relational–arising from being in a state that is assessed in relation to what is desired; comes from being different from expected states of being. Disappointment of reality vs expectations generates something on our emotional landscape which then manifests on the physical landscape. It has scale–is either up close or far away or somewhere in between, and its intensity varies in relationship.

How does sound alleviate pain? It alters the relationship between the person and the thing causing pain. It changes the energetic relationship–alters the sense of proximity from the trigger; alters the thoughts and their actions in projecting and manifesting the pain. Sound alters the landscape and textures of things so as not to become triggers for manifesting pain. Sound provides a buffer between the pain inducer, and the feeler. Sound can eliminate the pain inducer.

*Piggy-back journeying is a technique I learned from Michael Harner. This technique is such that you journey out to NOR, come back, take notes, then go back to where the first journey ended and keep going; come back, take notes, go back to that ending point. You can repeat this until you feel complete with the spirits about the research you are doing!