Monthly Archives: September 2012

Quest writings 1

I recently returned from a transformative vision quest experience, facilitated by Animas Valley Institute.

The next series of writings on my blog here will be expressions of this experience. my intention is to provoke inquiry into soul through my own encounters of soul through nature. The mysteries of the underworld of soul dance as we engage the beings of nature. Polka, waltz, the swim, we are revived by earth every time we say yes. Yes?

Who went out? (on the vision quest)

A woman on the edge of breakthroughs and ponderings, at least theoretically,
a little disconnected
very tired
very hopeful, with an inkling of a longing
supported by her community
perched on the precipace of adventure and new beginnings

Who came back?
Red Stone Song, a woman dismembered and remembered by the nourishing wind that whipped up the red rock canyon–a deep potent force so fierce, tearing at her past, filling her with life the wild newness and soulful song.

One who discovered many facets of the architecture of her psyche as it evolved from the evolution of her soul. And forgave the universe and saw the abundance of grace in all that has transpired.

Reconnected deeply to the earth, the stars, the trees the stone nation
nourished by solitude in wilderness,
counselled by the pines, the constellations,  the rock formations  (“parent material”),

a balanced child and parent with insight and  replenished nurturance.

Dials of giving and receiving recalibrated, right and wrong banished from the box, box incinerated, the fire and dance wooing, the soul infused with the longing for mystery, dance, poetry, song.

Lessons in not simply listening to the oracles of earth but in deep communion and conversation with them.
A potent heartfelt exchange beyond the cornmeal and tobacco, spit and hair of it.

Roles cast aside for the wilder questions of who am i? what is what i do, what is who i am?

Mysteries invoked as we go deeper into the wild child dance…embracing her, embracing Earth once more.


What Makes Living a Sacred Life?

This is the question pressing in right now. What are the ingredients that make a sacred life? I would love to hear from you…

To me, right now…being fully in the now. honoring the past yet not limited by it. heart wide open

A smiling power attracting the future to me…while still walking now.

Loving connecting supporting giving and receiving with friends and family.

Honoring and being gentle with Earth…

so much more–what say you?