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Red Stone Song, Healing

Red Stone Song, Healing

I was on vision quest last month with Animas Valley Institute. I received enormous healing and information from the stone nation, red and vibrant there in the canyon-lands of SE Utah. I had heard my mentor Jan Engels-Smith say that there was a star nation on earth, not just in the sky. I experienced that directly in the stones, that they were the star nation on earth.

A steady wind blew up from the canyon below my quest spot. I sat atop a cube of red stone right on the rim of the canyon. Many stone cubes were on various stages of falling into the canyon below and in front of me. Yes, stones do roam the earth, as many Lakota sacred songs tell about.

This wind carried the medicine—wisdom, power, unfathomable knowingness—up the canyon’s rim and into me throughout my solo time. For hours and hours, I sat and just received this. Jan had suggested that as part of my intention, I relax. and so in this relaxed state, I simply received. it was a healing all unto myself.

I asked the spirits, the land, the beings, the Others, if they had a name for me, a spirit name.

“You are Red Stone Song”. I am to receive and transmit this power in my sound healing and singing to the people. It is also power coming through the red stone of the prayer pipe; and as my friend and colleague Marty also added, it is the energies of the songs sung by (and to) the red hot stones coming into Lodge.

Thank you!