Secret Spot at Sea

Today I had the most remarkable secret spot at sea.

I have been doing secret spots since I learned them from Jon Young in 2002’s Art of mentoring. I have been snorkeling two or more decades longer. Yet I have never thought to combine these two passions until today. 

Quiet, nearly motionless, with the sound of my breathing and the tinkling of pebbles of coral rolling along the sea floor, my morning snorkel became a profound secret spot experience. Some key ingredients of secret spot work flooded over me as I entered the water, singing a song of thanksgiving to the sea, the mother of us all. Our brain waves and energy signatures shift towards the speed of nature when we engage in an attitude and feeling of thanksgiving.

 And slowing the body down to the speed of nature, tho hard to be motionless, I simply drifted on the surface, letting the waves move me to and fro. At this speed, I was able to see a vast array of interspecific interactions I had not seen before. Parrot fish were following the stealthy speckled “leopard” eel (I do not know the names of sea creatures, so I name them for myself). The eel would go into little coral crevaces, while the parrot fish waited eagerly then met up with the eel, face to face, when it emerged.

 I do not know if they exist, but I saw what seemed like a sea snake, white and black speckles (more random than the eel’s highly organized speckles), curling its way around the base and undersides of coral stalks.

 I slowed down and noticed different stages of maturity of a fish species I encountered for years.

 While in my reverie, a snorkeling gentleman said “over there you will see turtles”. He repeated this as I did not realize he was talking to me. I gave him the thumbs up sign and kept secret spotting (hmmm…a new verb?). I had seen the turtles every year and decided they did not need more disturbing people gawking at them. I had actually touched one last year, and I felt too moved by that special moment to have need to repeat it.

 I was slowwwwwwwwly floating when a turtle came upon me, below me. The sea was so quite you could hear it munching on the algae or coral it was nibbling. Then, it slowly rose, its head one foot from my head to take a drink of air. It then reminded me that all of the principles of secret spots on land held true in the water. It was a transmission for sure.

I feel so moved, blessed, changed.

Thank you to the mother of all mothers, the sea, and the turtles, carriers of the first people.


One response to “Secret Spot at Sea

  1. What is “secret spotting?” I am not familiar with this term, and am very curious……

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