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December 22 Lodge


Thank you all for choosing to spend the day in ceremony with the LightSong lodge at Hidden Lake, and for those who have been spending this time in deep contemplation and ceremony. It is said by the people who gave us this ceremony that it begins four days before, and lasts for four days after, the time that we are physically in the lodge together.

 Much of the messages and words spoken by me come directly from what the spirits wish to presence. Some of it emerged from new insights and teachings, discussions and awarenesses that Judith and I, and the Ascension courses at LightSong, have been having and working with.

 And perhaps the most spontaneous and potent message for me, along with Angela noticing how moving the feathers on the the altar reflected this message, was the notion of the 90 degree shift (of course it could be 1 degree, too!) in perspective of something that you have been looking at or aware of. Defined as such and such in your mind. And the invitation to see it from a different angle, so that the potency of the gift or the aspect you are viewing becomes a resource feeding your growth and evolution. The darkness is an amazing ally for this, and also an excellent metaphor for it. The darkness in the lodge aids us in looking deeper within, and also forms an effective backdrop for our sensations of spirit.

 I was so happy to be able to listen to your words after the lodge, particularly about how there was a desire to be close, and an end to loneliness (or at least a respite), the puppy-pile comforts of togetherness present in lodge. This is sweet and a brilliant source or reflection or both of the palpable love generated in the lodge. What, who, where did you notice you focused on when we were calling on and generating the feelings of love? How might this pull you forward and continue as a source and force in your life? Somehow I notice I always seem to start with my animals, then my wife, then outwards…often to Africa and the animals I communed with while I was there. And you?

 The process of looking at your life timeline is one suggested by the hathors, the intergalactic beings Tom Kenyon, our community, Judith and I and many others work with (see It is a process you can continue to do—look on the Hathor link on Tom’s website; I believe this process is described in the most recent postings.

 I really felt the spirits were eager for us to do this, to help us gain perspective of who is walking into the next moment, the new earth. I hope you felt the spirits supporting you in doing this. Calling on love was an important ingredient preceding this, so as to not become bogged in the density of it.

The first thing that the spirits showed me was a view from above the lodge looking down. They showed me lit lifelines stretching out from the lodge in all directions. At first in straight lines, and then curved lines like an octopus, (and actually, very much like the emblem I create on the altar in corn meal–a representation of the spirit of the lake). I was noticing clouds around different points along mine. The one major new teaching I received from this in lodge was that one or two major experiences had as resources and gifts a prompting, tempering of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That there were planted seeds of growing unconditional love as a way in life during those events. And then, in the third round, healing around resistance to love. And you???

 Thank you so much for being willing to go deep into the darkness. There was a marked ease, smoothness, flow to the preparation before lodge, and the clean up after the lodge, that felt to me very reflective of the flow and ease we called in and yearn for for our process of evolution.

 The spirit of the impulse of evolution was very much in the wings of this lodge. If there was a fifth round, we would have worked directly with this impulse. So perhaps this is Spirit’s homework for us—to meditate on or journey to or experience or all of the above, the spirit of, or the innate force or impulse of evolution that all organisms have. And open to its miraculous potency, so that we can accelerate our own personal, and collective, evolution.

 The darkness is still deep, and at this time the movement towards light is relatively slow (planetarily-speaking). So we can continue to work in the long dark nights. And perhaps our hearts will meet again at the next lodge at hidden lake on the 22nd of March when the dark and light are equal.

 After you were all on the road, and this morning as well, I realized how much of a healing I received. I rarely pray for myself in lodge, it is usually a time of focusing on asking the spirits to set into motion the people’s prayers. But the realization and sensations of grief and resignation for the departing animals and the earth weighed heavily on my heart, and then the connection with my feet issues was profound, and compelled me to ask for help. My feet do not hurt right now, and I had some very deep connections with nature this morning…deeper that usual. This is a good sign for a long time nature lover…so thank you for the love and spirits and medicine you provided in the lodge.

 May all of you experience evidence of your miraculous healing. Continue to invite it and believe in it. I love you all. Thank you.


After I finished this,  I reached a deep calling to go get our chickens, as an outward commitment to the animals. We had given them away because they were feeling like a burden. They have been calling to me since then, and I am going to perform a chicken retrieval today, which feels very much like a soul retrieval. In honor of and in reverence for life and soul and that which I can tend. Aho!