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Miracle revisted

On this New Years day, I am pondering a miracle that happened during my vision quest in Sept. in Utah.

ImageI had set my sacred space on a canyon rim red stone (a 10′ x 20′ block of red earth goodness) overlooking a Utah canyon. My community had made prayer ties for me, and I strung them into a circle on my stone. Set an altar. This is where I would sit/pray/dance/sing on my quest.

One of the first things that happened after I set my space is that an angry storm ran through me. Since I stuff anger most of the time, this felt like a gift. I banged around, hitting dead branches off of trees, heaving debris off my stone into the abyss below in a tantrum that cleared a lot of debris within. The storm ran its course, and when it was over I began my prayers of gratitude. A life review. Some healing sentences. The night sky was amazing and I made relations with it and the red stone upon which I lay, as I drifted off to sleep tucked between them.

 When I woke up that first morning, to my utter amazement, I found that my nice neat circle of prayer ties had been broken, half of the ties had been bunched up and thrown over the side into the abyss. And a bundle of green prayer ties had been excised out of the continuous string of them and placed on my altar!!!

 Very rarely do the spirits ever make a physical imprint of their spiritual presence.

This was amazing. They really leaned into my presence to let me know they are here. 


May the blessings of the Good Earth Be upon you