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Healing the Grief About Our Perceived Plight of the Earth’s Animals: Part 2

ImageI went through an enormous eye of the needle kind of illness and transformation (I am still in it, actually) this spring. My dear friend and colleague Renee did a beautiful reading and healing on me to help me make sense of this lingering illness. In essence, the illness was a doorway and a dissolution of old ways of being, of shedding and reconfiguring. That the illness was an outer manifestation of inner thought patterns that were like small infections festering away and draining power away from my core.

Another dear friend Linda, came over and did a Karuna Reiki session. A very powerful session unfolded, whereby the Reiki inspired one of the inner thought infections to be revealed to me, and in the energy of the session, was released and healed in a big way. It was my grief over the animals. I had pondered the idea that in some belief systems, maladies of the lungs (mine of which were full of gunk) represents Grief.

And so I opened to listen to and understand and clear this grief. What I heard was…

…The grief I feel for the animals is a huge doorway to the vast open loving heart. A karmic doorway. My cat, Cali, had shown this truth to me, too. She had been with me during my illness, and when I asked her what her role was in my life, she showed me that she was there to help me open my heart, and feel what caring for, and being cared about, was all about.

Leslie Temple Thurston, on a call regarding For the Love of Animals,  encouraged us to be IN the grief and to open our hearts, and allow the heart to break. Over and over again.

This is the medicine.

Then the imploring of my teacher, Jan, to get underneath the grief to see more into it, came in. When I looked deeply, I saw that it was a perception of Not enough (animals are dying, there will not be enough animals to satisfy my need for them). The grief grew out of an ever-growing lack of something that I loved.

Then more medicine came: The animals told me, through my power animals, that they are present at the etheric level always, abundant beyond belief, even if their numbers appear few on the physical plain. That we have access to each other, and that I should not fret in the debilitating way the grief was striking me. But use that love to do something.

This message then made the message I received last month “clunk”. Before this healing, over the last few months, the animals had been coming and showing me a new community healing ceremony that will help the people and the animals. And, so, I am excited to walk forward on my path with this new ceremony to help people heal, and to help the animals on the planet –ascended and earthly. More later on this ceremony as it evolves.

And so we send a heartfelt wave of gratitude to the animals—the ones we live with, the ones all over the planet, the ones who have come and gone, the ones who need our power and wisdom to steward, or simply connect with in appreciation.


Healing the Grief About Our Perceived Plight of The Earth’s Animals: Part 1


I have been carrying heavy weight in my heart about the plight of the animals on the planet.  In the early years of the new millinium, my desire to do something, to honor the animals that were leaving the planet, manifested in an off-the-chart adventure. Judith, my wife and I, bought land, built a small reed house, and commuted back and forth from the states to venture into the bush and commune with the animals of South Africa.

Most ventures in the bush involved sending love, gratitude and “I am sorry for what we are doing to you” waveforms to the animals. Lions, leapords, elephants, giraffe, rhino, impala, kudu, waterbuck, zebra, cheetah, hippo, amongst all of the other myriad of creation, we greeted and sent our love and hope for healing to them. Of course, all the time (except for some walks) riding around in a land rover, consuming fossil fuels….

My grief seemed to come to a most recent head right around the winter solstice sweat lodge (12/22/21), when the energies of that auspicious time intensified.

We had just given away our dear chickens late in November. We had raised five of them, to whom we gave goddess names, and lived with them for 5 years. They were delightful and very productive until last year. We let them roam a lot around the property, which always brought a fond moment seeing them wander by, talking to each other.

The small tired me was weary from caring for them, and winter was coming, the most difficult time to care for chickens in Oregon. So I did some research and gave them to a chicken sanctuary. It was quite a process, for on the appointed day, I could not catch the one last one. I drove 2 hours with all but Isis, and turned them over to their new caregiver. The next day, I caught Isis and made the second trip with her. The place was not ideal, with several aggressive roosters, but the caregiver had plans for integration or separation, and I was happy they would be cared for by someone with such a huge heart.

The solstice lodge came, and was very powerful. On the inner, while I poured the lodge, I worked on my animal grief. The next morning, I awoke, and I swear I could hear the chickens calling to me. They were telling me that they were animals that I could actually do something about with regards to being a steward of animals on earth. So I called the caregiver and told her I would be coming to get the chickens, and thanking her profusely for being there at this time of sorting things out.

I also called my teacher/mentor and cried some on the phone about my overall grief, and my plans to get the chickens back. She said, “you should really look at what’s underneath this grief.” In my heart I knew that that was not the time for that particular investigation (see part 2), and I just felt grateful that I was given such clear guidance from the chickens to come get them.

And so I did. I went to get them. Loksmi, Isis, Sekmet, and White Tara all came back with me. We let them back into their roosting coop. Judith and I stood for an hour and watched them. They engaged in what I could only imagine the chicken version of “kissing the ground” upon reaching home—they burrowed into their bedding material on the floor of the coop, throwing shavings on their back, then rolling and rolling in the shavings. You could sense their having their eyes roll back into their heads in clear, pure joy. It was an amazing sight to behold. They were home, and we were so happy. A healing for sure.