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Call To and From the Wild

cropped-lion4.jpgOn Aug. 23 we carried out a ceremony of Sound healing for the Animals of Earth. It was an evening that combined sound healing, shamanism and nature constellations.

We experienced and sent healing to through journeying, merging, prayer and intentional sound to many of the animal world, including elephants who have lost family members through culling, wild horses slaughtered for meat, massacred buffalo, big cats pacing in zoo cages, whales killed by boats and nets, dolphins whose ears have been shattered by sonar, songbirds whose habitat has been destroyed, wolves killed by ranchers, polar bears losing their habitat through global warming, rhinoceroses poached for their horns, bees experiencing colony collapse, factory-slaughtered chickens, chimpanzees used in research experiments, domestic pets experiencing neglects and abuse. birds exploding from ingesting plastic bottle tops, birds of prey killed or mutated from pesticides. Much grief welled up to be felt and cleared. We continue to send these animals healing and love from our open open hearts.

The animals and the people who love them had much to say about their livingness, and I am honored to share some of the messages channeled through the people in ceremony:
“Buffalo’s message: Buffalo are big, full of power, full of strength, but incredibly sensitive. Buffalo’s heart is so heavy, holding space for Earth , humanity, and the animal kingdom. Buffalo feels it all and needs us to lighten our hearts. Buffalo’s heart is too heavy-too heavy to move. Lighten our hearts and Buffalo’s heart will lighten, and Earth’s heart will lighten.

Buffalo received the healing and sent it into the Earth. Buffalo has deep deep love for Mother Earth. Buffalo is a great wise one holding space in spirit and on Earth.”—S.R.

“The Song Birds told me to “breathe in” their songs – the vibration will help raise my vibration and heal me.  They sing Joy and Healing to all that listen.
We are definitely all one with nature and the animals.  I’m even seeing animal resemblances in people.  It was a wonderful reminder that feeling pain of animals, nature, or people, doesn’t help them or us – we help by lifting our vibration and sending our love.” C.C.

“The songbirds made it clear to the level of innocence they carry, as well as the other beings and children of Mother Earth. It is our lack of attentiveness and accountability that has caused disharmony.

I also wanted to share that in the last round I channeled “massacred Buffalo.” The clarity of my connection to Buffalo was strong and mutually supportive in many ways. Buffalo said ‘I want a Home’.” –J.H.

 About the Human Experience:
“What I learned from this: I felt my pain, my heaviness directly affecting another being. I felt the accumulation of collective weight in one concentrated place- Buffalo’s heart. From direct experience I know that healing myself/ lightening my heart is healing Buffalo, healing Earth, and healing/helping all. This is what Buffalo showed me. I feel this is the start of a relationship with Buffalo. Buffalo has a lot to teach me about walking in balance with strength and sensitivity.

I think more and more of these ceremonies have the ability to heal our relationship with the animal kingdom and earth. Helping to thin the veil into oneness. You are doing a great service, Lauri. I think this could even be offered as course work as well as healing work…..coming together to help the animal kingdom as well as understand/thin the veil to our relationship with them….how to work and walk with them.” S.R.

“I found the experience to be very deep and moving for me… more so than my usual exchange and honoring of the flora and fauna I interact with daily. Coming to this group meditation was a key part of the Initiation and chosen path I have been walking not only my whole life but specifically the last 6 years. I stepped right into the web of connectedness with everyone (all spirits and dwelling beings). This call was actualized when in the first round I was told by Spirit to step back and work with the circle to bring in and listen to send healing love to the animals.

Then things intensified by stepping in in the second round and merging with the songbirds sorrow and shock over their innocent folly and deaths. The amount of grief for this one creature was the most intense I have ever felt and I feel this is for many reasons. Their commonality and easily-missed plight among other more publicized animals aligns with my own work with my Voice. I think we share the ability to Sing away pain to re-inspire a deep loving connection with self and all beings.”–J.H.

“I learned that my animals provide keen insight on navigating a working relationship with the nature of the inhabitants of this planet.  I am taking away an enhanced appreciation and awareness of this. I came away with a greater relationship with the spirit of these beings, gaining clarity on the symbiotic relationship charactuizeded by a two way interaction.” T.G.

“I’m still in awe and wonderment from the spark we ignited last night. I feel The Calling to and from The Wild….this is trail I’ve been searching for. I’m so grateful to you all for being such magical song mates. I can’t type the words that express clearly what is in my heart and my voice. Let’s continue to nurture this project. I’m all in! Love beyond description” C.T.

We raised $337 for the Portland Audubon Society’s Wildlife Care Center. This is almost enough to cover the cost of a year’s worth of mice for the 2 sparrow hawks that greeted me at the Care Center when I dropped off the donation. Thank you to all who came to the ceremony and channeled healing to the animals, experiencing healing for yourselves as well. Thank you to those who contributed through prayer and financial donation in absentia. Your love was deeply felt.

All in service to love of Earth.


Leaving the lower ones for the coyotes and foxes (Shamanic berry-picking)

blackberries1-645x250I just returned from what felt like a very long trip to Palo Alto. I think I know at a core level what interminable means. I was away from my quiet sanctuary of Hidden Lake in rural Oregon for 8 days. My whole outlook, vibration, and feel of life changed. I was taken aback by just how dramatically our surroundings can influence the way we feel about and see life. I had called in my helping spirits when I left for the airport. Still, the influence of home, and not home, emerged as quite pervasive. So very glad to be home.

This morning, I awoke (in my own bed!!!) to the typical grey skies after 8 days of the bright California sun. This notably brilliance of the sun was accompanied by an audio throngs of cars, blowers, refridgerators that need fixing, beeping appliances, people, people, people. I awoke this morning to the typical grey and proverbially kissed the Oregon ground.

Our Oregon property felt so new through my appreciative eyes and open heart. Expanse and quiet…so sweet. I would normally get up after being away and jump into my car and go grocery shopping. This morning, I was acutely aware that the property was thriving with food! In fact, one of the first reminders of this was how fat Bodhi had gotten while we were away—it is berry and apple season and he eats 3x his usual daily calories in fruit. I grabbed my berry-picking gear—a big peanut container with a belt duck-taped to it and headed out. As my dog Bodhi and I walked out into the vibrant nature of Hidden Lake, a wave of amazement washed over me. How lucky I felt being here…wow. So good to remind ourselves of our ground.

Lusciousness in unfolding. I was grateful that the berry season had not progressed too far in my absence. The familiar companion dandelion hairs have begun to intertwine with the berries. I gave the berry-bushes some spit and hair, having left my tobacco at home. (Spit and or hair provide a very personal offering to  the nature spirits in the absence of tobacco or cornmeal—the more typical offerings. ) We give this exchange, because we remember that we are all related and that we are in relationship– always give and take, regardless of whether it is friend, family, pet, nature beings, berry plants. The faeries that live here also get an offering, a bit of blood from pricking skin on thorn.

I move at a slower pace, stopping at almost every clump with purple. There is a particular luster, sheen and plumpness when the berry is perfect. There are few of these still, needing more Oregon summer heat—an often elusive commodity. I feel like a bee or hummingbird, visiting every ripening inflorescence. A particular place at the base of every inflorescence exists where you can place your finger and lift the clump into position for picking, where you will not get pricked. I have waded through thickets, and with two hands free (hence the container on a belt!), studied, honored and picked.

At this slow pace, I connect with the foxes and coyotes that I know are also wading through thickets at this time of year, eating these purple gifts from God. So I leave the ripe berries that are fox and coyote height, taking the ones higher up. Tale-tell monuments of purple on the trail wink at me in divine assurance that we walk together seeking to be nourished from this good earth.