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We are Acupuncture Needles of Healing for Earth

bigstock-Healing-585934We are like acupuncture needles for the earth. We are awakening creator beings.

Colleen Benelli, dear friend and colleague shared a message she received with Jennifer Waters. I thank you both for bringing this teaching forward.

I am paraphrasing here, but the essence of the message was that the energies of prayer, and need for prayers of healing and illumination, are great at this time. The need for love, light, healing are always great, but particularly now with Syria and the nearness of the passing of dearest one, Nelson Mandela. We, as light workers committed to our craft, have a responsibility to participate in the answering of prayers that are in the collective.

To me this means that we open to the prayers that are in the collective, and channel love and light for the prayers to manifest, no matter where we are or what the circumstance or environment, because we are all one, all connected.

On my walk today in nature I began feeling myself as a acupuncture needle, feeling the prayers for peace, and then sending love and equanimity, calm and peace into points in nature on my walk. Into the trees—holding a cedar branch, a stone. I sent the experience and vibration of peace and love, and saw it like a shock wave spreading out over the land.

Through our work in the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies community, we have acquired the training for this sacred, important act on behalf of the Earth, and we carry livingly this responsibility as the give-away of light and healing to earth, at this time, always.

And in practical terms, I am moved to, for tomorrow’s workshop in sound healing, I will be setting the higher standard and purpose of our gathering to cultivate that consciousness in all the work we will do together.

We are sitting in circle with the Gods and Goddesses. Us. The divine. The seen. The unseen.