Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Personal New Year’s Pipe Ceremony

ImageIn the beginning of this new year, I felt the prayer of calling, and the calling of prayer. This calling wanted to be answered in the personal traditional way that I am so grateul to the first people for.

This prayer of calling was for people to have an experience of deep communion with spirit, with their true self and their healing. I was shown what was really at the core of my “marketing plan”. In fact, the most important things was not the marketing plan as an entity, but the feelings of what people would experience as a result of showing up and being part of what my ceremonies and coursework hold for people. That magical vortex of intentional sound, of feeling, hearing, seeing in our mind’s eye spirits, energies, imagery and messages that serve our soul. It is not about “marketing my classes”, it is about feeling the results for the people in my own body-mind-spirit continuum, and emminating that out.

White puma and elk came with the ceremony, and it took on a whole meaning and direction unto itself, with the spirit of the pipe very deeply present. I thanked my body-mind-spirit partnership for all that it has gone through and summed to this point. I felt what it was that I “stand” for, what I take a stand for, what I am committed to creating. Those moments, where a person, and or a circle of people, can feel deeply connected, nourished…where there was space to have realizations in the mind that are felt in the body, and ripple out and doctor the soul. Where the threads of community and individual sound can go out into our lives ahead of us, creating, orchestrating elements in our lives, at the purest creative level.

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