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This is what help looks like today

We call on the benevolent compassionate helping spirits for help in our shamanicbigstock-a-zen-stones-background-white--16243001 sound healing work, in all of our work –no matter what healing modality.

It is human to have a particular set of images of what the help might be
like-angels, people, circumstances sweeping gracefully in to save or illuminate us…oh what an earthly folly. We must be ready to accept the help as it presents to us, so divinely orchestrated that we laugh at its perfection and say thank you!

During the spring shamanic sound healing intensive, we called in all of our help for the weekend. With grand and humble intentions for our learning and healing, we cast the circle and went about our work.

Sunday morning (the day we changed our clocks… well, some of us) my
assistant found herself late. Very late. To do the thing her heart most
sings for-to be in circle in sound, service, spirit-impediment after
impediment got in her way. Her frustration was profound. She gave herself a hard time all the way on her ride to the circle; she was in quite a state.

We paired up to do a healing, using the next lesson of the day for a method, and whatever was up for each person as a healing intention (this the way we roll!). She chose her relationship with time. And Whoa, what a magnificent, illuminating healing unfolded. Old energies departed, old configurationsshattered; divine wisdom and power rode in on the heart and voice of the practitioner. Curses unraveled, lessons infused…

When the debrief unfolded, and the whole picture of the morning was illuminated, we all exclaimed


All of it–impediments, upsets, pain, then the seeking, the subsequent call to healing and its unfolding!!!!

A great reminder. Help is not always puppies and clouds…And, it always comes when the heart is open and when we are truly receptive. Help almost never looks like what we think it should. We are buoyed on our earth walk by the grace of the divine. Ever mesmerized by the Great Mystery…

A great mantra for me…perhaps you might find it helpful.

“This is what help looks like today”.