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Constellations–A Potent Partner to Sound Healing: Part 1

bigstock-a-zen-stones-background-white--16243001I am starting to explore the unique edge of sound healing and constellation work, so I thought I would first describe what Constellations work is.

Constellation work is a healing art form that is all about relationships. We can inquire and study the energetics of our relationship to anything—people, places, aspects of ourselves, nature, any topic or emotion.

We designate a sacred space we call the Knowing Field in which to investigate systems involving our relationships. The Knowing Field is charged with knowledge from the ages, from our ancestors, from nature and the web of life, from the all-knowing divine forces that run through all things. In shamanism, we experience it as a matrix of Non-Ordinary Reality, and/or an expression of the Akashic records.

We focus on a specific issue, and begin the inquiry by arranging REPRESENTATIVES of key elements of this issue in the Knowing Field. Key elements of our issue can be people, places, nature beings, thoughtforms, emotions, ideas, dreams. We can REPRESENT these elements by assigning people, objects, pieces of paper with the names of these elements to STAND IN for the elements in the Knowing Field. (There are also special flat rubber foot prints of various sizes and colors that are made specifically for Constellation Work).

Our knowingness we invite to come first through our body. With our felt-sense, we notice how things feel and change as the spatial relationships of the representatives move or are moved.

We start by placing these elements in a spatial configuration that “feels right”— From the original spatial relationship of the elements in the knowing field, we then invite the wisdom of our body to inform us of the energetics of the relationships between the elements of system. The energetics of the relationships create movement and feeling, and thoughts and express through the Representatives, revealing wisdom and options for healing in the system in which the issue lies.

Representatives may be asked to report how they are feeling, and to share thoughts that arise as they stand in for their element. They may be asked to move, or feel called to move to a different position. New feelings and thoughts may arise that reveal information about the issue.

In many instances, the facilitator will ask a representative to speak a healing sentence that may create shifts in the energy of the constellation, and thus the relationships and system itself.

The flow of love in a relationship or the system deeply affects energetics of the relationship or the system. This flow can be unblocked by listening for and speaking a healing sentence that acknowledges the truth of the relationship or system, and that allows the truth to settle and be held with compassion.

Adding intentional sound to constellations:
Intentional sound adds a new vibration to the system that reaches the right brains of the representatives, and charges the knowing field with heightened vibrational potency that encourages transformations in the system. More on this later…


We can do constellation work on our own, in groups of people, or in pairs. Here I describe the process when a group of people are assembled for the purpose of doing constellation work.

First, a seeker comes forward with an issue or question. It can be bout anything—relationships with people, emotions, a career or business question, a question about where they are living or wanting to live, a natural or managed ecosystem, anything!

The seeker will give a description of the issue, with the facilitator (“Constellator”) asking questions that will illuminate key elements of the system to be represented.

The constellator will then ask the seeker to invite people, one at a time, to “stand in” as “representatives” of different elements of the system that frame the issue. The seeker purposefully and with their felt sense places each representative in the knowing field in a spatial configuration that “feels right”, and reflects the system as it exists currently. The representatives are called to feel into their bodies and notice what the wisdom of the body is telling them about the energetics of our spatial relationship to other representatives that are standing in for people, places, or things in the Knowing Field.

The representatives may begin to feel that a movement is necessary, in relation to each other. Representatives usually have body sensations, thoughts and emotions, all of which can provide wisdom and insight into the energetics of the element of the system that they are standing in for. In shamanism, we experience this and refer to it as ranging from “channeling” to “mediumship”, depending on how deep the connection is.

The facilitator will carefully ask representatives to report their feels and thoughts and sensations. Based on movement and this information, the facilitator may ask that a representative to speak healing sentences that will help release the tension or blockage in the system or relationship. Through this very intentional inquiry, we can unwind unconscious patterns and unblock the flow of love and life force, greatly enhancing our well being. We can gain a broader perspective on the systems in which we live and live with more freedom, ease and love.

Constellation Work in the Absence of Group
I have done very powerful constellation work on my own. If I am trying to decide a particular path to take for a specific decision, I will take a piece of paper and write a phrase that states and represents one decision or outcome of a decision or fork in the road. I will take another piece of paper and write another phrase on it that states another potential fork. On performing a “blind constellation”, I will then fold these up and mix them up so I do not know which paper is which. I will stand on one of the pieces of paper, placed in the Knowing field (a rug designated for this work, usually). I will notice how I feel while standing on this piece of paper. Then I will stand on the other piece of paper, noticing how I feel as I stand on this one. I will usually have very different experiences and sensations as stand on each of these. From these, the answer will usually be revealed to me. I will pick the one that feels the best. Then I will look at what that piece of paper says. We can also perform the constellation in the same way, but knowing what the pieces of paper say ahead of time.

Another potent form of constellation we did with Suzi Tucker. We chose a pair of rubber foot prints made for constellation work to represent Anger (one can easily use a piece of paper with the word written on it). We placed the feet down on the knowing field, and then stood in relationship to it in a way that felt right to us. We noticed what we noticed. We moved around it and noticed how it felt in front of us, behind us. Then we stood on it, and noticed how we felt then. It was very instructive. The biggest thing I noticed was how it felt like a supportive force when it was standing behind me, but it felt confrontive and uncomfortable when it faced me. When I stepped on top of the feet, it revealed to me in a deeper way the wisdom of having anger flow through me as a creative force and that it could be like the weather without holding it in the body.

This healing art form emerged through Bert Hellinger’s work studying various cultural and family groups. I originally came to Constellation work through a Hawaiian-based Shaman named Larry Kessler. I am currently training with a Shoshone woman named Francesca Boring Mason. Both of these people have a deep honoring of the Ancestors, Nature, and bring a deep spiritual aspect to the work. I follow in this way of approaching Constellations.

Stay tuned for more…