It’s Raining Cats and Acorns and Owls and Bowls

I had a huge oak spirit drop into my consciousness. It kept dropping acorns on my head. I found myself sitting under this big tree, looking out over an expanse where there were acorns everywhere, a couple of inches thick.

The spirit of this tree was trying to, and succeeded in, show me quite blatantly the super-abundance in my life. I have known this, and then forgotten, known this, then forgotten. Tis the way of the spiritual path on earth I believe.

Most importantly, I became deeply aware that my most gnawing issues were coming from a lack mentality. Bonk! An acorn hit me on the head, then another. Bonk! And something magically shifted in me. I became almost ashamed at how I acted out in this false story of lack when clearly I am profoundly blessed. Bonk!

Then more pieces of the story began unfolding. I had missing vibrant cat energy since the passing of my little Cali, a tortoise-shell calico–passed away last year; she ascended through the super moon on tax day. A week ago, just before my marriage ceremony, a little grey kitty appeared at our back door. She has been staying around and has adopted us…really touching deep into my heart. Bonk!

Perhaps even more miraculously—this past weekend I had the most amazing Singing Bowl class, the first of its kind at Hidden Lake. It nourished all of us deeply, and we all wanted to ensure that I did more of these classes next year. So on Sunday, I started thinking about bringing new bowls into my collection of crystal beings. On Monday I get a call from someone, who knows a friend of mine, telling me she has this big crystal bowl that needs a new home, and would I be interested? Wow! So with some back and forth, I end up at her home yesterday. The bowl is all boxed up and I ask to see it and play it before I buy it. She picks it up and says “it is going home with you” and I ask “don’t you want me to pay for it?” and she says “no, its yours!. I mean, really, these are worth 400 dollars, especially that size. Bonk!

IMG_1264Wow, and keeps getting better as I arrive at a small business gathering, and am presented with a beautiful gift—a stunning coffee cup with a princess owl on it– for some ceremonial singing I did last month. Really? Bonk!

Thank you universe.


It’s raining cats and acorns and owls and bowls


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