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Preventing Soul Loss Through the Kind Self

Photograph by Angela Weaverplaying with fire3In shamanic cosmologies, we are animated by our soul, this immortal, eternal divine essence. As shamanic practitioners, we doctor the human beingness by doctoring the soul. We remove “intrusions” –foreign energies—that do not belong to or serve the soul; and, we retrieve lost soul essence that has temporarily separated from the whole of the soul through trauma such as surgeries, accidents, and disruptions to the family and support systems, as well as due to arguments, and other negative experiences or circumstances. By integrating this soul essence back into the wholeness of the soul (along with a power animal on task to help the healing process on into the future), physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discomfort, dis-ease, disfunction can transform, resolve, evaporate, leaving us healthier, more vibrant, freer and happier.

One day I was on holy land during a big ceremony, and was talking to a brother. The spirits began telling us through me that soul loss can be caused by negative self talk. That little pieces of our soul can split off from the whole of the soul when we decide we don’t like a part of our Self, some aspect or characteristic of our Self. This idea felt totally in alignment with a book I read decades ago called Compassion and Self Hate by Theodore I. Rubin (

This idea was also in alignment with information that came through during preparation for an Equinox sweat lodge I was to pour for the LIghtSong Community at Hidden Lake. That the dark feeds the light; that those things we have judged and labeled as bad in ourselves is absolutely and cosmically suppose to be there for our souls to expand through the process of personal work and spiritual growth. We are caused to seek relief due to these aspects of ourselves that may be difficult, hurtful, or uncomfortable. And through this seeking, we are lifted up, reach new powerful discernments in life and our energy ascends to higher and higher frequencies as we learn to work with and come to peace, and even utilize these aspects of ourselves.

So when that negative self talk arises, we ask, what is it that this aspect of our self is in service to? What if it is here to teach us something? How can attention, then a shift in perspective and expression of this aspect, actually create growth, new understandings about the world, our life, our path? These questions feel like a road to compassion and the Kind Self…asking them can help prevent loss of soul essence that might come through internal bickering with parts of your personality.

We ask the Kind Self to reach a gentle hand to us, into our heart, and teach us something new about these parts of ourselves that are present now. In this way, these parts may be seen, and then resolved or shifted. And we thus nurture our soul and tend it as the Divine One we are.