This is a good time to install a fear release portal.

Building and using Fear Release Portals can prevent us from letting fear on the outer and the inner take over our consciousness and emotions. I don’t even want to reiterate all of the reasons why it is important right now—it’s November 9th, 2016. That should say enough.frp

A fear release portal (FRP—lovingly referred to many of us phonetically as a “Frip”) is an adorned doorway through which we can direct fears to go and be dispensed with energetically. We can invite fear to leave our body—our ethic body, our subtle body, our physical body, our mental body—and to go into the portal, so that we are be clear of fear’s deleterious effects. A FRP is usually a physical place on our property or in our house, often circular and lined with sacred honoring items denoting the perimeter of the portal. It can be any shape, but most of us have round FRPs. In this article I share some principles and instructions on the creation and use of fear release portals.

Fear is a vibration that can set up shop in our nervous and spiritual system, take hold and raise havoc. I have two acronyms for fear, and use one of them depending on how I am feeling about the fear I am aware of. Primarily I believe that Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. I use this acronym most because it is almost always true and it is empowering! When in my small self, fear can also mean: Fuck Everything And Run. Fear can ultimately turn into cancer and other serious maladies. It is key to remember that fear as an energy is a real and tangible thing. So we treat it with respect as we seek to release it. And creating a sacred honored place for this builds our capacity to release fear at any time.

The FRP works primarily through the power of intention, supported by our belief in compassionate, benevolent spiritual help that is readily available to all of us.

I encourage people who want to create a FRP to create it outside. There is power out there in nature, that belongs in here –in the being that we are. And, if it is undoable, or if you think it would be more useful inside, then by all means, create one inside.

In shamanism, we are always opening to signs to provide spiritual information. So open to “hearing” from the portal itself– where it wants to be, noticing things in the landscape (indoors or out) that stand out or are calling on your attention—can help you find its best loction. Then, follow that guidance. Of course, a few aspects may cause the location to shift, like—is there room enough to sit or lay down next to it? Is it safe from hazards that might distract you?

Taking the cosmic and the mundane into account, select a location for your FRP. Sit down there, and just be with it for some time. Ask it to tell you, or in some other way get a sense for, what might be placed around the rim of the FRP. It might be very simple, like a ring of stones from the yard. It might be special items you have. It may be sticks, leaves, feathers, ribbon. Many FRP’s develop over time as they are used, and as you are guided to give offerings to the compassionate benevolent help that comes to work with you and the portal.

Once you have built your FRP, sit or stand next to it, and sing, call, pray for compassionate helping energies to come and support you whenever you are working with the portal. Rattling, drumming, playing singing bowls, flute, any intentional sound honors the process and helps build power. Offering flowers, cornmeal, tobacco, birdseed, any item given with love and gratitude will assist in releasing fear from you, your life, your energy system. Giving voice to your gratitude magnifies the magic within, and throughout.

At any time thereafter you can engage in the process of releasing fears into the portal. I begin with a prayer—“Oh divine ones. I stand here humbly with the intention of releasing any fears that may be in my way of my vibrant health and well-being. Any fear that may have accumulated in my energy system that is preventing me from moving forward on my journey. Any fears from the collective that I may also be harboring, I ask to release. I am ready to release the fears that are harming me or getting in my way. I thank you for your assistance.”

Releasing of fears can now happen in a variety of ways. All that is important is intention and willingness. If you are by yourself, you can lay down with your head at the edge of the FRP’s rim. You can sweep your hands from your lower body up through your head and out. If you have a rattle, you can rattle fear energies up and out into the portal. You can drum or sing, chant, tone, scream fear into the portal. You can shake fear into the portal. You can stand up, stomp your feet, dance and sweep fear out of your body and into the portal. You can take a feather and brush fear into the portal. You can drum or ring a bell. Do any of these way with the intention and visualization that fear is moving out of you, and into the portal.

You can engage a friend or family member. You can drum, rattle, sing, chant, tone for them as they release their fears, then switch, taking turns supporting each other by using different kinds of sound to help fear break free.

The fear energies go into the portal and are transmuted—changed in form—by the spiritual help that you called in, by the element of earth, and by the element of fire at the center of the earth. When energy is transmuted and its form changes, it can be utilized in other dimensions to do work. Do not worry that you will cause harm to the earth by transferring fear from your body to hers. She knows exactly what to do.

When you are done, take some time to call for divine light to come and fill you. When we release dense energies from our system, it is important that we fill with the spaces fear was taking up with love, divine light, compassion, positive thoughts and feelings. The easiest filling can be achieved by simply setting an intention that the top of your head (crown chakra) and your heart (chakra) open, and that bright loving, divine light comes from above to fill you. You can also open the chakras of your feet, and your root chakra, and invite the divine supportive nurturing power of Mother Earth to come up through your body and fill you with her unconditional love. Notice yourself getting brighter and shinier within.

It is always polite and fulfilling to say thank you for this divine filling, then to the compassionate benevolent helpers that came. I usually let them know they are released from their work at this time, and that I will be calling on them in the future.

I say thank you to those that taught us about FRP-ing at the LightSong Practicum of Telepathic Communication 2012-ish.


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