There is Power in the Opposite

There is power in the opposite…

Most of us are being buffeted around energetically by the news of what is happening, not happening, maybe happening in our country. We need to be resourced and centered to be good spiritual activists. I found some deep wisdom and value in a particular set of practices I learned from NW Soul Quest, and Sheila Belanger and Anne Hayden. (Thank you sages!)

Most importantly, the value of finding vitality in that which we are opposed to. The topic of the workshop I was just in was dealing with polarities, things “out there” that trigger us within, to react to, that we rise against to, and what to do so we can remain strong and not be so reactive and distressed.

And of course, our president came in in a big way during the weekend. So, touse him as an example…

First, we call in our allies, spirits, guides, angels to protect us and guide us. We mentally draw a line or circle –creating a threshold over which we step to demark the beginning of the exercise. We then step into the being of Donald. Gestures, actions, words, becoming, taking on his personality. We may even walk around, outside, bossing trees, rocks, shrubs around. Making bold statements that may not be factual. Swooping our fingers through our orange hair. Pursing the lips…just really being him.

Here is where it gets interesting—noticing the energy generated in our bodies while we are doing this. When I did it, I all of sudden noticed, wow, there is great energy and vitality in being certain of my superiority and arrogance. Of being the center the universe—or the sun in our solar system, out there with my opinions. And then we ask, where in my life could I use some of this vitality?

During those times when I may feel extraordinarily shy, or like Pluto, quietly orbiting the very periphery of the solar system, when being the sun might really serve me.

It is not soul stealing, where we are robbing someone of their soul essence, but tapping into a resourcable vitality in THE OTHER that can be of service to us. It felt like it gave me just a little more emotional room for the absurdity of this persona in my own solar system. Because when we polarize against something, there is emotional taxation that is very debilitating when it turns chronic. When we can join some aspect as usable, we will last longer in our facing of these vast challenges.

At the end, thank your helpers, and step back across the threshold, ending your experiencing the Other. Look yourself in the mirror and introduce yourself to yourself, or say “Yay, I am glad I’m _______________” (fill in the blank with your name).

This morning, another example came in. I did not do gestures and postures but did a quick mental process. It was sparked by the anniversary of Roe V Wade, and all the vigorous Pro-Life energy happening. What could I resource from the Pro-life movement? I was walking in nature at the time…and became very moved by the force of creation…how the soil gives birth to the seedlings and dandilions that are starting come up. That rush of vitality in the creation and birthing of life. And I have such reverence of this life-giving. And so, I joined in my heart with the pro-lifers, for a moment, and said yes, I love the vitality from revering life in all its creation. Yes, it takes on different meanings for each of us on either side of the issue, but for a moment, I connected in with that reverence for life. It made it easier to not hold deep resentment or resistance to the OTHER SIDE.

I am going to be exploring more of the exercises I learned during the workshop, as it is a great way to resources, replenish, nourish us on this walk we find ourselves on at this time.holdingheartsun


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