Do It Yourself: Sound Healing at Home, Right Here, Right Now


Sound is a carrier wave of intention, and is a magical creative force that re-configures matter and energy. Spirit-guided sound healing adds the active participation of compassionate benevolent spirits–beings from the divine realms. These beings encode the sound with power and wisdom, guiding the sound to its most potent targets. When sound is transmitted and received in a container of love and divine spiritual guidance, miraculous healing and manifestation of dreams and prayers can more powerfully be set into motion.
You can give yourself a mini-sound healing, right here, right now. Stand and greet the four directions (East, South, West, North), Above and Below, and ask for their compassion and benevolence to bless you. Ask them to guide you, and ride in on the sounds you make. Or call to the compassionate ones with whom you are familiar or are moved to call to.
Close your eyes and feel, and accept, where you are right now. Notice and appreciate your body, your mind, your feelings, your overall state of energy.
Say thank you to you, and all of the gifts of your life. Form an intention for yourself. State the positive version of this intention. If you want the pain in your knee to go away, a positive intention would be “may I walk with grace, ease, pain- free”. If you want to release something like stress or grief about a relationship, an intention could be stated like “please release this stress-its root energies and thoughts- and replace it with acceptance, ease, gratitude for the lessons from this relationship” or something similar.
Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Feel your rib cage and belly go up and down, in and out. Open your lips a bit and breathe out through your mouth. Now add some sound gently, to warm up your vocal instrument.
Now, call to mind and hold in your heart the healing intention you formed. Ask the spirits to assist you in setting those intentions into motion. Then, begin making sound. Let the sound come up from your belly…let it swirl around and past your heart, and then out. There is no mistake that our lungs and heart are in such proximity from an energetic perspective.
Feel what it would be like to have your intention fulfilled, manifested, and make those sounds. Allow yourself an abstract, creative experience. Visualize from your heart’s perspective your manifesting wellness, new situation, eg. Notice if some part of your body begins to vibrate. The thread of your intention may emerge in this initial part. Use the sound you are making to go deeper into your intention and pull out its form. Create with the sound you are making. Let the sound you are making become you.
When you are done, say thank you. Read the full article by clicking here…

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