Turning Noise into Sound

I was walking my rural property (Hidden Lake) this autumn morning. I was reveling in the peacefulness. Then, stellar’s jay starting squawking…but most importantly, the sound of a backhoe started vibrating. What to do to maintain peace, enjoy my walk in nature with this machine noise going?

The machine had a basic note to it—a droning, pulsating note. I started to match it with my voice. This note and its pulsation began moving energy inside of me. Then I thought about what this machine was doing. Digging…

Then the inquiry became…

…How can I use this sound and the power of this machine to dig down into what might be below the surface, bring it to the surface, and transform it?

I continued humming in a pulsating fashion…I was digging…and then actually allowed some thoughts and energies to come from within, I was done with these, for sure. So, I continued making sound and sent the thoughts and energies I was done with  into the imaginary hole the sound/machine was making.

I continued until I felt complete. I felt so much better. And so a lesson on turning “noise” into sound showed itself to me.

We live in a noisy world. Some people’s neighborhoods and work environments are more noisy that others.

Noise, to me, is a sound that is in the way of peace, in the way of hearing what I want to hear, whereas sound has a helpful, useful, transformative function. Noise is like weeds, as sound is to garden flowers– “weeds” as plants out of place, where we do not want them.

The big practice for all of us is—accepting what is. Better yet, blessing what is. So this practice, turning noise into sound, is part of that. Of turning lemons into lemonade…of taking what could be bothering us (backhoe, tractor, train, barking dogs) and turning it into a helpful element in our moment.

So if you hear a “noise”, see if you can match it with your voice—you can do this very quietly if you want, and work up a volume over time. As you make the sound, notice what you notice in your body, in your energy state, in your mind (including “this is stupid” or “I hope no one hears me”). Just notice as you breathe and hum or tone, making sound that matches the noise. Ask what this noise is actually coming from, and how you can use it to help transform or transmute or heal things.

Some example metaphorical questions or intentions you could hold for these sounds:

Car traffic—the sea of humanity, with unique personalities therein– who will I next enjoy meeting? Attraction of a person to for some purpose.

Garbage truck—Getting rid of what does not serve us. What refuse must I dispose of?

Sirens—Sudden distress–how can I send healing to people in an emergency? What emergency am I having needs attention? What siren off in the distance is calling to me? Send a voice to call forth what is needed, piercing through the rest of the sound environment.

Weed eater—trimming, making neat and tidy. What is growing my garden that might benefit me from removal? What things need trimming?

Blower—using ancient fuel to move leaves, dirt…more easily than with a rake. What has fallen that needs to be moved around in my life? What tools do I have that will make this easier for me to do?

I remember during a very intense journey process with Jan at LightSong,  someone in the adjacent yard started up a chainsaw and began limbing trees. I had to use this sound during this journey process; the inquiry was—what limbs am I carrying that are no longer useful—like dead branches and dead leaves are a burden to the tree’s energy balance? How can this inform this journey assignment I am suppose to be doing?

This process of using what is around us for our evolution and upliftment is essential at this time, because there are plenty of chainsaws, backhoes, cars whizzing by.

Find the sound within the noise. Be the Sound. Be the change the sound brings. Aho!


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