Shamanic Sleep Meditation


I share this Shamanic procedure which I found assisted in helping me sleep more deeply and nourishingly.

Using your creative awareness, have your guiding ones (whether you have yet to identify them specifically or not) take you down into the earth. Maybe you follow the roots of a tree or an animal burrow’s entrance. Or, you dive into a mountain pool and swim down to a secret entrance.

As you arrive, you look around and get oriented. After a while, a level of new comfort settles in. You breathe. As you breathe, you listen, and hear a heart beat–it is yours, aligning with the heart beat of Mother Earth. Know that She holds you.

Ask her to take you deeper, into a crystal-lined cave. It glistens, and glows. Stand in this cave in your minds eye. With your heart, tell the crystals you would like to have them emanate the intention, vibration, light of you having a sound, nourishing sleep. Feel them pulsing this intention. All that your mind is working on, fades, as it is bathed by the crystal’s light and sound. Breathe, relax more deeply. Feel this loving nourishing power of earth, her sparkling gems.

Breathe, relax even more deeply.

If it feels right, invite a benevolent, loving mother bear of any color join you in the cave. They hold the ancient wisdom of DEEP SLEEP. FEEL  it’s thoroughly mothering bear nature.

She has been waiting for you to call on her; there is an innate, wise part of you that recognizes her. She smiles into your eyes.

She curls up, creating the warmest most inviting nook in h.r arms, and she telepathically invites you to curl up with her. Test it out. Feel what it feels like as she holds you. You can hear her heart beat, as well as the heart beat of the Mother.  Be in all of this magic, and let go, breath by breath. Into nourishing, deeply sound sleep.

Wake up, nourished by earth.


Feel free to report back!


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