Ceremony of Independence: Reconciliation With Soul Sovereignty


Ceremony always expands in power when we can tap into a collective energy that is naturally occurring—like the celebration of Independence Day. So I delighted when the spirits told me I needed to do a ceremony for regaining my sovereignty. The time had come to regain my sovereignty from a long history in an enmeshed relationship where I had habitually let my power be taken away from me.
Sound familiar? Let’s do this! It is easy to set up.
First Step: Key issues/Needs/Qualities
What are the issues and qualities at play–what do you need that you are not getting fro your relationship(s)? What do you want or need from the universe, and what is missing?
Write these on separate piece of paper–48 pt type; cut them up onto separate pieces of paper.


What I found most coming up was: Respect…  Honoring… Acknowledgement… Love… Support …Joining me where I am…  Seeing me… Compassion …Fairness in the exchange


All of these ingredients I choose to say and claim as needs I believe I have, with no shame in needing any of these. And really, at the mutual level–not one way.  At the truth of it, these are all aspects I aspire to share with and beam onto into the world, and cultivate within for my Self.


What about you? Take some time for this.


Step 2: Sacred Space


Pick a place in nature or in your home and set up a sacred circle. Gather stones, one each for each issue/need/quality. Place the stones along the perimeter of the circle. Put the pieces of paper from step 1 so it is leaning against the stone facing inward. Call on your helping spirits to imbue the space.
Lines of Connection For Retrieval:
Cut lengths of yarn, each about 12 feet. Anchor one end to a stone in the perimeter, and bring the other end to the center of the circle. When you are done it will look like spokes in a wheel with stones and qualities on the outer perimeter, and all of the all strings coming to center.
Reconciliation with Soul Sovereignty:
Stand in the center, and hum or tone or chant, asking for and intending for retrieving and reconciling with your soul’s sovereignty. Sit in the center when you feel ready. One string at a time, pull and gather up the string for each quality from the stone. I rolled it into a little bundle. I sang while I did this, in a trance-like state. But whatever feels comfortable and right to you. Ask for insight about each medicinal quality (key issue). Pull the power and wisdom of each of the qualities from “out there” to your interiority. Your sacred, sovereign self. Slowly, deliberately. Feel the vibration of each of these qualities going into your self.

My experience: I begin the drumming. I called in my helping spirits and guides assisting me with this ceremony for strengthening and reclaiming my sovereignty.  I go into  trance like state, as if I am transported to a parallel temple. The spirits give me insight about each medicinal quality (key issue). Many of these retrievals have soul essence encoded in it. I welcome this surprise! Slowly, deliberately. I feel what it is like to know the vibration of each of these qualities. I thank who/what ever was holding these from me. Much of the wisdom the spirits give me brings me to a place of neutrality, “no charge” and “no need”. How much assessment of these things is illusion, and matters not.


Thank who/what ever was holding these from you. Bow to yourself, Your Sovereign Self.
Believe in and Thank the benevolent universe, for you have re-membered yourself.



Post-Script: On my walk I find a feather of my singing power animal. She reminds me of the potency of sovereignty that fuels and empowers magnificent collaboration.


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