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Messages from the Winter Solstice Lodge Spirits

I had the great honor of pouring a sweat lodge for the LightSong community on the full moon and winter solstice. Though pre-lodge journeys, time spent doing the robes (tobacco-filled prayer bundles for  beckoning and feeding the spirits), and direct transmission during the lodge, some potent messages came through.

The spirits wanted the 4 rounds of the lodge to be associated with and follow the 4 directions on the medicine wheel. During a “round”, the fire tenders bring stones (“grandmothers”) that have been communing with the fire for several hours into the lodge. The door is closed, we are plunged into darkness, the spirits  become very active and work with the people in the lodge to set  their healing intentions and prayers into motion.

Round 1:East: Faith in the Returning Light

We were called to investigate within, how we cultivate faith and trust that the light will return; that the sun will rise. There are times when we think we are static in a dark place. We forget that, in truth, the light will surely come.

So we asked, “Where you do you cultivate faith?”  When we feel stuck in a place that we do not think will change, we are called to be reminded that, like cycles in the natural world, we can know and believe that the  light will return, just as today (on the winter solstice) the sun and daylight will increase. A little each day, then more and more…When we invite the hooking into the power of natural cycles, we can whip around into a new more productive uplifting  resolved phase. The longer, warmer days. Today, even a modicum of more light than yesterday. On that we can have faith. Where do you find faith? A good question to notice how you answer…

Round 2: South: Re-membering Your Passion for Life

What totally psyches you about being on earth? What makes you aglow as you engage in it. What brings you joy? As Jan Engels Smith’s teachings state, this is “Your Song”. This is a primary source of great passion in life.

In your minds eye, stand on the threshold of your life, looking out on what is next on your path. Invite yourself to feel that light, that warmth of that which excites you and feeds you in life. Experience it in your body that excitement. What does it make you say in your mind? How does your body feel when you are in that passion?

And, we are aware that things get in the way of pursueing or feeling that excitement. We can use the firey sun to transmute what obscures your path to being in your song, that impedes your joy.

You can ask with your heart for a power animal to come help you pursue and experience being in Your Song. They can help manage the things that might block you from being in Your Song. You can meditate or journey to this animal. You can place images of it around you. Studying its ecology might inform you. Feeding it, having things around your house, car and/or place of work will help remind you of its presence in your life. Honoring power animals in this way brings their essence to earth, in light of all of extinction humans have caused, this is a reciprocity and healing to earth we do when we are in partnership with power animals.

Round 3–West: Acknowledging & honoring the wise teacher within.

We have gained much wisdom and knowledge on our earth walk to this point. We forget to honor this. We have an akasha of our own within. A sacred library where we have stored the wisdom of earth we have gathered to date. You can, with your minds eye,  journey with your consciousness down into our heart chamber, enter your akashic library, and remember the vastness of knowledge that is there.

When we honor the teacher within, we become vastly more receptive to the further teachings that are coming in from “out there”. We notice them and can be humble enough to receive them. They have a place to land, to be utilized, researched, stored for use. Knowing how each teaching from earth adds greatly to our walk on Earth, we build Our Mastery as Human BEINGS.

North—Cultivating Abundance Mentality

Sometimes we are caught in a reflex of seeing lack. How do we change that? The spirits guided me to say/know—utilize nature to see abundance. It is not enough just so say, “okay I am going to feel grateful”. It is more important to build habit of mind to see/experience abundance, and then you can feel gratitude in a deeply authentic way.

How do we re-train ourselves? Look out into Nature!!! Do you want see abundance? Count the leaves on a tree. Count the raindrops on the pond, blades of grass in your yard…there is a naturalness to feeling and seeing the abundance in nature, that can remind and retrain us to the abundance in life. Count the needles on a Douglas-fir—that is exactly how many blessings you have in your life!

I have been doing this last practice in the hustle bustle of holidays–especially those moments when I notice I am feeling a little grumpy or tired. IT TOTALLY WORKS! I look out at a Douglas fir, see all of those needles, and tell myself internally or even out loud, “That is how many blessings you have in your life” and I INSTANTLY FEEL BETTER, GRATEFUL. KNOWING I AM SOOOOOO BLESSED!



And wow, it is so cool (okay yes) that the cold full moon came in in such an amazing tactile way for this lodge, the coldest one I have ever experienced. The temperature of lodge is always metaphysical, and not explained by the physics of things. I have experienced that “lodge is as warm as we are tight”—that is how much we are holding onto things. (so good job!!!) and it is only as warm as the most sensitive person can bear—okay, you were honored, whoever you are!!! We got to play with our discomfort and what our mind and body does with it, but this time the cold, and not the hot…very interesting and thought-provoking!